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Student Resources

When you become an SDSU Geographer, you join a community of like-minded people who are interested in your success as a geographer and also as a person. The department provides the support you need to join and flourish in your chosen field.


You're here to learn. The following links will help you plan your time here:

Campus Life

University life is not all lectures, books, and tests. San Diego State is a small city. As befits a city, the university provides information and services to help you adjust to this new(-ish?) environment. From food, finance, health and wellness to sports and recreation, the university has you covered.

Additional Resources

As a SDSU Geographer, you have access to the department Reading Room. A place for geographers only, the Reading Room is perfect for quiet study between classes or just to relax for a bit.

The department provides email listservs as an additional perk. The listservs are used by the department staff and faculty so we can communicate with you, providing information on official department events, changes in programs or requirements, or other announcements that can affect your academic programs. These listservs, however, are also used by you to communicate with your fellow students. Looking to set up a study group, send it out over the listserv. Want to know if someone has checked out the only copy of a library book you need for a paper, send it to the list. Want to get together for a hike, dinner, beach cleanup, send it to the list. The listservs are set up so that only those on the lists can send to the lists, so no outside spam, and the lists are open only to Geography students. Contact Marcus Chiu at [email protected] to be added.