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What Can Geography Do for You?

A degree in Geography (Environment, Society, and Technology) provides you with the education and skills to pursue a wide range of career options. Our students work in diverse fields such as fire ecology, remote sensing, GIS, watershed management, wildlife habitat, energy planning, food security, marketing, and social justice. Whether we utilize advanced geospatial technologies or work ‘on the ground’ to understand and help communities, geographers strive to solve pressing societal and environmental problems.

The Department of Geography is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion that values, honors, and respects all members of our University community. We are a community diverse in race, ethnicity, language, culture, social class, national origin, religious and political belief, age, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation. Learn more about the department’s diversity initiatives.


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Friday, March 22

ASPRS SDSU Student Chapter Hosts Spring Technical Meeting with Keynote/Geography Colloquium:

Dr. Douglas Stow, Garrett McGurk, Zuzi Gounev, and Noah Young

April 23

Congratulations to Dr. Sergio Rey, elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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Wednesday, April 10

Thesis Defense:
Identifying Producer Perspectives on Repurposed Land Strategies in Kern County, California

 Gracie Bartel


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