Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

All candidates with a degree in Geography must complete graduation requirements in the section of the General Catalog on “Graduation Requirements”. These are in addition to the specific major requirements.

Language Requirement: The language requirement is part of the Bachelor of Arts degree programs (with the exception of Foundations emphasis). Competency (successfully mastering the third college semester or fifth college quarter) is required in one foreign language. Refer to the section of the General Catalog on “Graduation Requirements”.

Upper Division Writing Requirement: Passing the University Writing Examination, or completing one or two courses, depending on the score.

Student Assessment: Passing Geography 395 and 495; 395, Introduction to the Major, is taken during the first fall semester upon entering the major, and 495 is taken during the spring semester of the calendar year in which the student expects to graduate.

Preparation for the Major: Geography 101, 101L, 102, 104 (10 units) are required for all emphases; additional preparation courses are required for each of the emphases.

Graduation with Distinction: A student desiring to graduate with Distinction in Geography must meet the University requirements listed in the section of the General Catalog on “Graduation Requirements” and be recommended by the geography faculty.

For more information contact Molly Costello, Undergraduate Advisor; Office: SH 301B.