Visiting Scholar Program

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The Program is a semester long commitment and will be at the Institute for Geoinformatics (hereafter referred as IFGI) at University of Münster, Germany (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, hereafter referred to as WWU).

Application Procedure

Apply for the program with Dr. Piotr Jankowski. You can go for a semester of study at IFGI either in the fall or the spring. Fall application deadline is May 1. Spring deadline is November 1.

The academic semesters at WWU do not overlap exactly with semesters at SDSU. The fall semester at WWU starts around October 15 and ends by February 15. The spring semester starts around April 15 and ends by July 15. With a bit of planning you can still be able to complete in one academic year a semester of study at IFGI combined with another semester at SDSU.

To start the application procedure you will need to prepare your CV and develop a plan of courses and/or research projects you would like to participate. Review classes and projects Leave geography site. Click on the English version on the right side of the main navigation bar.

Preparation for the Program

Before you enter the program you will need to get approval from the department. You will also need to visit the Office of International Programs Leave geography site at SDSU and attend their pre-departure workshop.

Additional information about preparations for study abroad can be obtained from Study Abroad Handbook Leave geography site PDF file.

Important Information

  • You do not have to speak German to participate in the exchange. There are courses and research projects at IFGI conducted in English
  • Check with the Office of Financial Aid about when you will receive any money that you are eligible for, as the shifted semesters may cause a delay in disbursement
  • Studying abroad may make you eligible for additional scholarships, so be sure to review the list of available scholarships Leave geography site
  • Finally, if you do not currently possess a passport, apply for one as soon as possible. Applications are available at many U.S. Post Office locations.

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