Completed Theses

  1. 1955 to 1969
  2. 1970 to 1979
  3. 1980 to 1989
  4. 1990 to 1999
  5. 2000 to 2009
  6. 2010 to Present


Anderson, William G. Korean Transnational Migration to Guatemala: An Exploration of Maquila Connections, Social Exclusion and Urban Insecurity. (Bosco, Aitken, Esbenshade)

Bredemeyer, William. Neighborhood Environment, Proximity to Medical Care, and the Self-Reported Health of Brazilian Immigrants. (Joassart-Marcelli, Weeks, Marcelli)

Brown, Blake. Mapping Primary Health Care Accessibility for Idaho Residents: Using Dasymetric Mapping with a Location/Allocation Model. (Jankowski, Weeks, Frost)

Daniels, Dean D. Assessing the Utility of Satellite Imagery at Differing Spatial Resolutions for Deriving Proxy Measures of Slum Presence in Accra, Ghana. (Weeks, Stow, Finch)

D'Anna, Heather Joann. A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Copper and Zinc From Antifouling Paint in Pier 32 Marina, National City, California. (Biggs, An, Gersberg)

Fraley, Grant. Multi-Objective Generic Algorithm With a Geographic Analysis and Visualization System: An Application to Hazard Management. (Jankowski, Stow, Tarokh)

Hamm, Jeremy. The Optimization of a Street Network Model for Emergency Response Analysis Within a Geographic Information System. (Tsou, An, Banks)

Jankowska, Marta. Neighborhoods of Health: Comparing Boundaries for Neighborhood Effects on Self-Reported Health in Accra, Ghana. (Weeks, Getis, Marcell)

Lathrop, Steven. Updating Maps of Foot Trail Networks for the US-Mexico Border Zone Using Automatic Feature Extraction Methods and Very High Resolution Remotely. (Stow, Hope, Frost)

Lee, Chung-Rui. Participatory GIS in Accra, Ghana as a Tool for Neighborhood Definition and Differentiation. (Weeks, Jankowski, Frost)

Nosrat, Bahador. Identifying Spatial Relationships Between Microbial Metabolism and Human Impact. (Jankowski, Tsou, Rohwer)

Powers, Emily M. ‘Going Green’: How Contemporary Society is Rethinking Green Space. (Aitken, Farley-Wolf, Freeman)

Rosa, Melissa. Mapping Fuels at the Wildland-Urban Interface for Wildfire Modeling Using Color Ortho-Images and LiDAR Data. (Stow, Jankowski, Miller)

Rossiter, Jonathan. New Urbanism, Transportation Mode Choice, and Communitarian Behavior: A Case Study from Kentlands, Maryland. (Bosco, Joassart-Marcelli, Antoninetti)

Smith, Diana. Formalizing and Evaluating Principles of Web-Based Animated Cartography Using Arctic Sea Ice Examples. (Tsou, Skupin, Lai)

Vaughan, Jennifer. Local Geographies of the Coastal Cactus Wren and the Coastal California Ghatcatcher on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton California. (O'Leary, Lewison, Kershner)

Webber, Shannon. The Role of Local Watersheds on Sediment Accumulation in the Tijuana Estuary Reserve. (Biggs, Stow, Beighley)


Caldwell, Michael L. Semi-automated Trail Delineation Based on Aerial Lidar and High Resolution Digital Imagery. (Stow, Weeks, McIllwain)

Giovando, Cristiano. Exploratory Spatial Analysis of Human Migration Behavior Along the U.S.-Mexico Border. (Jankowski, Weeks, Frost)

Grover, Rebecca. Local Perspectives on Environmental Degradation and Community Infrastructure in Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana, Mexico. (Swanson, Joassart-Marcellli, Lauer)

Hickox, Daniel J. Undocumented Immigration from Mexico into the United States: Modeling Spatial Structure of Push Factors at the Municipal Level. (Jankowski, Weeks, Marcelli)

Hisakawa, Nao. Border Porosity and Landscape Characteristics: A GIS-Based Approach for Segmenting the US-Canada Border. (Jankowski, Stow, Jennex)

Lacayo-Emery, Martin. An Integrated Toolset for Exploration of Spatio-Temporal Data Using Self-Organizing Maps and GIS. (Skupin, Rey, Eckberg)

LaMantia-Bishop, Jeffrey. Hurricane Emergency Response: Detecting Residential Damage Using Object-Based Image Analysis. (Stow, An, Frost)

Lesher, Rebecca S. Climate Change Impacts to a High Altitude Lake in the Indian Himalaya. (Biggs, Stow, Kostic)

Neculae, Cleopatra. Key Controls of Steam Temperature in Rock Creek, Oregon: Implications for Restoration of Riparian Vegetation. (Farley-Wolf, Biggs, Lai, Hope)

Perkins, Emily. Irrigation Controls on Atmosphere Water Vapor, Southern India. (Biggs, Aguado, Shen)

Rossiter, Jaime. Negotiating Conservation Space in San Diego County: Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding the Multiple Species Conservation Program. (Farley-Wolf, Swanson, Deutschman)

Saltenberger, Joseph. An Interactive Web-Based Atlas for the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. (Jankowski, Tsou, Dodge)

Smith, Jennifer. Effective Color Schemes for 3D Animations of Urban Landscapes with a Spatial and Temporal Dimension. (Tsou, Skupin, Marshall)

Toure, Sory. Histogram Curve Matching Approaches for Object-Based Image Classification of Land Cover and Land Use. (Stow, Weeks, Kumar)

Tsai, Yu-Hsin. Delineation of New Buildings Within Accra, Ghana Using Multitemporal Quickbird Satellite Imagery. (Stow, Weeks, Kumar)


Cortez, Samuel. Globalization and Mexican Immigrant Youth in the US-Mexico Border. (Aitken, Swanson, Ojeda)

Dragan, Chad P. Modeling Neighborhood Boundaries and Definitions: A Mixed Method Approach. (Weeks, Bosco, Herzog)

Porcella, Audrey. Reap what you Sow: Social Capital in Community Gardens. (Joassart-Marcelli, Herman, Perez)

Tidwell, Tim. Image Classification Approaches for Mapping Arundo Doax Along the San Diego River Using High Spatial Resolution Imagery. (Stow, O'Leary, Zink)

Urata, John. Social Media Information Landscape: A Case Study in the Spatial, Semantic, and Temporal Patterns of GPS-Enabled Tweets. (Tsou, Jankowski, Whitney)

Wylie, Doug. Vegetation Change on San Clemente Island Following Removal of Feral Herbivores. (O'Leary, An, Zink)


Elder, Philip. Designing and Implementing a Web Mapping Service with User-Centered Design and the Senor Web: A Case Study in the San Diego River Watershed. (Tsou, Biggs, Rahn)

Lusher, Daniel. IP Addresses: Exploring the Nature of the Geographic Data and the Patterns that can be Extracted. (Tsou, An, Gupta)

Meseck, Kristin. Habitat Distribution for Non-native Amazona viridigenalis Within San Diego County using Maxent Predictive Model. (An, Jankowski, Lewison)

Messina, Alex. Mapping Drought in the Krishna Basin with Remote Sensing. (Biggs, Hope, Lai)

Newtson, Jameson. The Impact of Fire on Flow Duration Curves in Southern California Shrubland Watersheds. (Hope, Biggs, Frost)

Simms, Jessica. "Down the Bayou": A Political Ecology of Wetland in Louisiana. (Debbané, Farley, Elkind)

Tuller, Madeline. The Healthy Migrant Hypothesis and Internal Migration in Accra, Ghana. (Weeks, Getis, Finch)

Vejraska, Milo. Image Metrics as Indicators of Socioeconomic and Demographic Characteristics in Slum Neighborhoods of Accra, Ghana. (Weeks, Stow, Finch)

Wood, Lydia. Memory and Place as Intergenerational Sharing: Mental Maps, Community Walks, and the Childhood Geographies in San Diego's Little Italy. (Aitken, Bosco, Mattingly)


Allison, Steven. Mobility Through Individually Owned Foreign Restaurants in Suzhou, China. (Joassart-Marcelli, Bosco, Zhang)

Du, Fangming. Integrating Natural Language Processing and Web GIS for Interactive Knowledge Domain Visualization. (Skupin, Tsou, Eckberg)

Garcia, Leticia. Feeling at Home with the Unfamiliar: Motivating People Through Visceral Engagements with Food. (Joassart-Marcelli, Bosco, Hua)

Lee, Raymond. Hydrologic, Climatological, and Biogeochemical Controls on Thermal Structure and Anoxia in Four Hypereutrophic Drinking Water Reservoirs. (Biggs, Hope, Radniecki)

Norwood, Steve. Annexation, Sustainability of Water Supplies and Growth in the Desert. (Aitken, Farley-Wolf, Ryan)

Rachels, Diane. Comparison of Chaparral Re-growth Patterns Between Santa Ana Wind-driven and non-Santa Ana Fire Areas. (Stow, O'Leary, Deutschman)

Schmidt, Ian. Use of Ultra-High Resolution Imagery in the Estimation of Wildfire Fuel Load Across Chaparral Vegetation. (O'Leary, Stow, Simpson)

Seidl, Dara. Striking the Balance: Privacy and Spatial Pattern Preservation in Masked GPS Data. (Jankowski, Tsou, Eckberg)

Stowell, Marilyn . Examining a Knowledge Domain: Interactive Visualization the Geography Information Science and Technology Body of Knowledge 1. (Skupin, Tsou, Frost)

Tangeman, Andrew. (De)constructing Literacy: Education Inequalities and the Production of Space in San Diego, California (Jankowski, Aitken, Allison)

Taniguchi, Kristine. Regional Impacts of Urbanization on Stream Channel Geometry: Importance of Watershed Area and Channel Particle Size. (Biggs, Pohl-Costello, Rockwell)

Van Ramshorst, Jared. "I Suffer a lot, we all Suffer so much": Contexts of Mobility, Migration, and Connectedness in Oaxaca, Mexico and Southern California. (Bosco, Joassart-Marcelli, Perez)


Butler, Kathleen. Reconfigureing Spaces of Capital in Southern California: A Political Ecology of the Imperial Valley - San Diego County Water Transfer Agreement (Debbané, Swanson, Carruthers)

Chavis, Christopher. Assessing the Accuracy and Repeatability of Automated Photogrammetrically Generated Digital Surface Models from Unmannned Aerial System Imagery (Stow, Biggs, Kumar)

Chuang, Yi-Ting. Utilizing Mobile Technology in GIS Education: A Case Study of Using iPad and iBooks in Fieldwork and Location Based Exercises (Tsou, Jankowski, Wang)

Evans, Hannah. Sustainable Sugar? Commodity Chains, Ethical Consumption, and the Violent Geographies fo Sugar Production in Nicaragua (Joassart-Marcelli, Debbané, Carruthers)

Hanscom, Laurel. Assessing Vulnerability: A Synthesis of Climate Change Impacts to Agriculture (Farley, Swanson, Giordano)

Lazootin, Taya. Retention and release of Stream Water and Nutrients Downstream of an Urban Center in San Diego County (Biggs, Levine, Gersberg)

Samarin, Alex. Assessing Sensitivity and Exposure of Irrigated Agriculture to Drought in the Krishna River Basin, India (Biggs, Farley, Lauer)

Shih, Hsiao-Chien. Determining the Type and Starting Time of Land Cover and Land Use Change in Ghana Gased on Discrete Analysis of Dense LANDSAT Image Time Series (Stow, Weeks, Caves)

Storey, Emanuel. Postfire Regrowth Trajectories in Chamise Chaparral Based on Multi-Temporal LANDSAT Imagery (Stow, O'Leary, Xie)

Stotz, Nicole. Usability Evaluation of Cloud-Based Mapping Tools for the Display of Very Large Datasets (Tsou, Jankowski, Eckberg)

Walsh, Kyle. Open House on the Open Range: Rangeland Conversion in San Luis Obispo County, California (Farley, Levine, Conway)


Battle, Curtis. Sex-Specific Habitat Suitability Models for Panthera tigris in Chitwan National Park, Nepal (An, Jankowski, Lewison)

Chase, Sarah. Evaluating Citizen Science for Natural Resource Monitoring: Participant Motivations, Attitude and Behavioral Change, and the Influence of Natural Resources Characteristics on Program Potential (Levine, Farley, Lewison)

Clark, Allison. Controls Over Spatial and Temporal Variations in Annual Actual Evapotranspiration in Snow-Free California Watersheds (Hope, Biggs, Lai)

Dozier, Jessica. Improve Disaster Communication in Online and Offline Communities Using Social Media (Twitter) and Big Data (Tsou, Nara, Spitzberg)

Handa, Lesley. A Study of Waterbirds Wintering in Mission Bay Combining Field Methods and GIS (Tsou, Levine, Hovel, Shaffer)

Issa, Elias. Understanding the Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Twitter Data with Geo-Tagged and Non-Geo-Tagged Content: Two Case studies with the Topic of Flu and TED (Movie) (Tsou, Nara, Spitzberg)

MacDonald, Garrick. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Conservation Planning: Designing Conservation Area Networks in San Diego County (Jankowski, Nara, Lewison)

Paloma, Cynthia. Developing a Collaborative Multimedia Learning Platform for GIScience Education: A Case Study in Designing an Interactive Textbook for iPad (Tsou, Jankowski, Dodge)

Seymour, Whitney. Hydrologic and Geologic Controls on Groundwater Recharge into the Mojave River Floodplain Aquifer (Biggs, Hope, Kinoshita)

St. Lifer, Samuel. Evaluating the Potential for Urban Land Development Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (Jankowski, Nara, Appleyard)

Taflin, Helena. Neighbourhood Food Retail Environment and Health Outcomes Among Urban Ghanaian Women (Weeks, Bosco, Hovel, Lopez-Carr)


Allen, Jason. Evaluating Differences in Riparian Vegetation in Semi-Arid Watersheds of San Diego County (Biggs, O'Leary, Kinoshita, Stow)

Coronado, Alejandra. Spatial Associations and Network Dynamics between the Vaccine Exemption Discussion in Twitter and the Corresponding Geographic Space (Tsou, Nara, Peddecord)

Delgado, Emanuel. Unintended Consequence of "Gentrification" in Barrio Logan? (Swanson, Joassart-Marcelli, Hernandez)

Granovskaya, Yelena. Mapping Agricultural Change in the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys, 2000-2014 (Biggs, Stow, Ganster)

Grant, Christina. An Analysis of San Diego County's Housing Market Using a Geographically Weighted Regression Approach (Jankowski, Christakos, Csomay)

Hicks, Bridget. Collaborative Efforts Towards Connectivity Conservation: A Case Study of the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative (Levine, Swanson, Lauer)

Huang, Cheng-Chia. Developing a Data Mining Framework to Identify a Sense of Gentrification through Social Media Data: A Case Study Using Instagram Posts in Salt Lake City, Utah (Nara, Tsou, Gibbons)

Kerr, Andrew. Optimizing Radiometric Fidelity to Enhance Aerial Image Change Detection Utilizing Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras (Stow, Nara, Kumar)

Lee, Ying. Mapping tourist behavior hotspots through photo-sharing service data (Tsou, Nara, Liu)

McCormick, Gregory. Water Quality and Sources of Nutrient Loads in Watersheds of American Samoa (Biggs, Levine, Mladenov)

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Salinas, Maegan. Opportunities for Water Conservation in Imperial Valley, California Using EEFlux Evapotranspiration and Lands at NDVI (Biggs, Stow, Kinoshita)

Schweizer, Eugene Jr.. Automating Near Real-Time, Post-Hazard Detection of Crack Damage to Critical Infrastructure (Stow, Nara, Kumar)

Snavely, Rachel. Mapping Vegetation Community Types in a Highly-Disturbed Landscape: Integrating Object-Based Image Analysis with Digital Surface Models (Stow, O'Leary, Zink)

Taugher, Sean. Segregation's Impact on Latino and African-American Educational Attainment in Charlotte, North Carolina (Weeks, Getis, Ryan)

Thompson, Gardner. Exploratory Analysis of Longitudinal Data: Design and Impplementation of a Trispace Solution (Skupin, Pottathil, McIllwain)

Zhang, Hao. Building a Dynamic Population Distribution Model with Geo-Tagged Tweets (from Twitter) and Dasymetric Maps in Urban Areas (Tsou, Nara, Gibbons)

Zhang, Qingyun. Building Dynamic Ontological Models for Place Names Using Social Media Data from Twitter and Sina Weibo (Tsou, Nara, Gawron)


Barrett, Lara. The Sensitivity of Runoff to Climate Variability in Two California Watersheds (Biggs, McMillan, Kinoshita)

Feddema, Rodney. Struggling with Salinity: Patterns and Drivers of Groundwater Quality Change in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico (Biggs, McMillan, Mladenov)

Gilliam, Shea. Gender Rolls: The Contentious Integration of Transgender Identities into the Feminist Spaces of Women’s Roller Derby (Swanson, Bosco, Mattingly)

Mak, Judy. Agent Based Modeling of Rhinopithecus Brelichi Population and Movements in the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve (An, Nara, Lewison)

Pickett Corona, Stefany. Analyzing Spatiotemporal Patterns of Pokemon Go Game Users and the Impacts of Users’ Physical Activities (Tsou, Nara, Crespo)

Plummer, Matthew. The Effect of Shadow Normalization on the Automatic Image Registration of Aerial Imagery (Stow, Nara, Kumar)

Rother, David. Understanding Groundwater Variability: Modeling Groundwater Storage Change in Southern California (De Sales, Biggs, Kinoshita)


de la Torre, Luis. Characterizing Hyporheic Exchange and Nutrient Retention in Urban Streams (Biggs, McMillan, Mladenov)

Huang, Haihong. Development and Evaluation of Health Web Mapper: A Web-Based User-Friendly Geovisualization Tool for Cancer Disapartities (Tsou, Nara, Thompson)

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