Master’s Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for the master’s degree include completing specific coursework and writing a thesis.

Course Requirements. The core course requirements for the Geography Master’s Program differ by the degree (MA, MS-GIScience, MS-Watershed). Some courses are common to all three degrees: Geography 700 (Seminar in Geographic Research Design), Geography 701 (Seminar in Development of Geographic Thought), and Geography 799A (Thesis). A minimum of 30 course units are required, inclusive of the required courses. See the Graduate Bulletin Leave geography site PDF file for details for the requirements for each degree.

Thesis. In addition to the successful completion of all coursework, a core component of all three Geography Master’s degrees is a thesis carried out under the guidance of the thesis advisor and approved by a three-member Thesis Committee. The Thesis helps students master the process of research and presentation of academic work of professional quality. Thesis requirements include a presentation and defense of a thesis proposal, presentation and defense of the final thesis, and submission of a final thesis document. We expect that the thesis will be of sufficient quality to be published in an academic journal.