Completed Dissertations

  1. 1997 to 1999
  2. 2000 to 2009
  3. 2010 to Present


Curti, Giorgio. The Body Geographic: Affect, Imagination and the Relationality of Be(com)ing, or Movements through Spinozan Earth-writings. (Chair: Drs. Stuart Aitken and Fernando Bosco)

Hamada, Yuki. Characterizing Conditions of California Sage Scrub Communities in Mediterranean-type Ecosystems Using Remote Sensing. (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)

Moreno, Christopher M. Geographies of Addiction and Recovery: Drugs, Space, and Body Politics. (Chair: Dr. Stuart Aitken)

Ye, Xinyue. Comparative Space Time Dynamics. (Chair: Dr. Sergio Rey)


Kuzera, Kristopher. Climate and Climate change and Infectious Disease Risk in Thailand: A Spatial Study of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Using GIS and Remotely-sensed Imagery. (Chair: Dr. Arthur Getis)


Bremer, Leah. Land-Use Change, Ecosystem Services, and Local Livelihoods: Ecological and Socioeconomic Outcomes of Payment for Ecosystem Services in Ecuadorian Paramo Grasslands. (Chair: Dr. Kathleen Farley)

Crotty, Sean. The Geographic Dimensions of Day Labor Conflict in the San Diego Metropolitan Area. (Chair: Dr. Fernando Bosco)

Freeman, Mary. An Analysis of Tree Mortality Using High Resolution Remotely-Sensed Data For Mixed-Conifer Forests in San Diego County. (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)

Kim, Ick Hoi. Developing High Performance GIS Simulation Models on Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure: A Case Study of Population Change Models with Grid Computing and Cloud Computing Technologies. (Chair: Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou)

Lippitt, Christopher. Time-Sensitive Remote Sensing. (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)

Stoler, Justin. Spatial Patterns of Water Insecurity in a Developing City: Lessons from Accra, Ghana. (Chair: Dr. John Weeks)

Swobodzinski, Martin. Exploring Human Decision Making in the Context of Web-Based Public Participation in Transportation Planning. (Chair: Dr. Piotr Jankowski)


Goerisch, Denise. Smart Cookies: The Gendered Spaces of Labor, Citizenship, and Nationalism in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale. (Chair: Dr. Kate Swanson)

Jankowska, Marta. Integrating Space and Place into Children’s Perceptions of Environmental Health Hazards in Accra, Ghana. (Chair: Dr. John Weeks)

Lippitt, Caitlin. Remote Sensing Based Characterization of Herbaceous Vegetation in California Shrublands. (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)

Simons, Nicole. Improving Decision Making During Wildland Fire Events. (Chair: Dr. Piotr Jankowski)

Wandersee, Sarah. Land-Cover and Land-Use Change in Human-Environment Systems: Understanding Complex Interactions among Policy and Management, Livelihoods, and Conservation. (Chair: Drs. Li An and David Lopez-Carr)

Wang, Ninghua . Statistics for Time-Series Spatial Data: Applying Survival Analysis to Study Land-Use Change. (Chair: Dr. Li An)

Zvoleff, Alex. Understanding the Dynamics of Changing Land-use and Land-cover, Population, and Climate in the Chitwan Valley, Nepal. (Chair: Drs. Li An and David Lopez-Carr)


Bart, Ryan. Regional Streamflow Response to Wildfire in California Watersheds. (Chair: Dr. Allen Hope)

Benza, Magdalena. Population Dynamics Throughout the Urban Context: A Case Study in Sub-Saharan Africa Utilizing Remotely Sensed Imagery and GIS. (Chair: Dr. John Weeks)

Carter, Norman. The Struggle to Create a Residential Community in Downtown Los Angeles. (Chair: Dr. Fernando Bosco)

Dev, Boris. Assessing Inequality Using Geographic Income Distributions. (Chair: Dr. Sergio Rey)

Salim, Zia. Building Community? Analyzing Gated Housing Compounds in Bahrain. (Chair: Dr. Fernando Bosco)


Goode, Ryan. Río de Janeiro’s Emerging Sporting Mega-Event Geography: Unraveling the Carioca Pattern of Urban Development. (Chair: Dr. Stuart Aitken)

Uyeda, Kellie. Spatial and Temporal Variation in Fuel Accumulation in Southern California Chaparral. (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)


Fouad, Geoffrey. Flow Duration Curve Prediction for Ungauged Basins: A Data-Driven Study of the Contiguous United States. (Chair: Dr. Allen Hope)

Han, Su. Discovering Spatial Relationships between Cyberspace and Real space and Re-examining Theories in Geography with Social Media and Big Data (Chair: Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou)

Messina, Alex. Terrigenous Sediment Dynamics in a Small, Tropical Fringing-Reef Embayment. (Chair: Dr. Trent Biggs)


Toure, Sory. Urban Land Cover and Land Use Change in Ghana: Connections to Demography and Health. (Chair: Dr. John Weeks)

Yang, Jiue-An. Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Information Diffusion Patterns with User-Generated Geo-Social Contents from Social Media. (Chair: Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou)


Beland, Michael. Salt Marsh Responses to Oil Contamination Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (Chair: Dr. Trent Biggs)

Salap-Ayca, Seda. Spatially Explicit Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis Methods for Land-Use Models (Chair: Dr. Piotr Jankowski)

Seidl, Dara. Geoprivacy: Location Masking Strategies and Personal Identification Risk (Chair: Dr. Piotr Jankowski)

Taniguchi, Kristine. Stream Channel Erosion in a Rapidly Urbanizing Semi-arid Region: Channel Dynamics of Los Laureles Canyon Watershed in Tijuana, Mexico (Chair: Dr. Trent Biggs)

Tsai, Yu Hsin. Monitoring Forest Cover And Land Use Change In Forest Reserves: Connecting Satellite Imagery To Anthropogenic Impacts (Chair: Dr. Douglas Stow)


O’Neal, Blaire. Nature, Technology, and the Pursuit of Justice: Urban Agriculture Networks in San Diego County (Chair: Dr. Pascale Marcelli)

Storey, Emanuel. Assessing Patterns and Drivers of Structural and Compositional Change in Chaparral of Southern California Using Time Sequential Satellite Imagery (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)