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The Department of Geography at San Diego State has quite a large program. The average enrollment is roughly 115 undergraduates, 55 master's and 22 doctoral students.

Student Representatives

The student reps attend the Faculty Meetings and are the official advocates of the students. Current and prospective students should contact the student representatives with any questions or comments regarding the respective programs, department policies, and general information regarding student life.

Ph.D. Rep

Crystal English
Office: SH 311D

Masters Rep

Hannah Evans
Office: SH 306D

Undergraduate Reps

Timothy Evans

Kristen Monteverde

Student Liaisons

Student liaisons represent students in various faculty committee and staff meetings. Others organize departmental events or assist faculty in preparing/teaching lab sessions. Comments, questions, and/or ideas regarding department publicity, computing, workshops, and/or research opportunities should be directed to the appropriate Liaison.

Publicity Rep/Colloquium Rep.

Kyle Walsh
Office: SH 309D

Research/Funding Peer

Dara Seidl
Office: SH 309A

Computing Liaison

Cindy Tsai
Office: SH 307A

Lead TA

To be Announced

Lead 101 TA

Hannah Evans
Office: SH 306D

Student Info

Guides to completing Graduate Degrees

Joint Doctoral Program Handbook

Guide to Completing the Master's Program

Dissertation and Thesis Publication Manual

Student Listing

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