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In SDSU’s Geography Program, students are introduced to a strong foundation in physical and human geography, supported by skills in Geographic Information Systems and other methodologies. Because Geography is an interdisciplinary science, we have 7 relevant emphases that are designed to immerse students in studies that appeal to specific areas of interest, thus providing flexibility within a more structured context.  Our lab facilities and Department offices are all contained within the 3rd floor of Storm Hall, as well as a study room for class work, group projects, reading and relaxing.

Many of our classes have field experience in one to multiple day trips; students are also encouraged to engage in related workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities. Internships are highly encouraged, and students often take these in their senior year, where they not only gain valuable related experience, but also course credit.

Geography Undergraduates are eligible for many scholarships and awards. Additionally, each student can contact the Department Scholarship Committee Chair for further information on applying for a scholarship.

Undergraduate Program Learning Goals

  1. Adopt a global and interdisciplinary perspective that spans the social and physical sciences
  2. Understand the interrelationships and interdependencies between people and the environment, with the goal of creating sustainable futures
  3. Learn how to apply geographical and spatial analysis techniques to solve problems and address contemporary issues
  4. Use critical thinking to explore, analyze and interpret the world 

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