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SDSU's Undergraduate Program currently has about 110 majors. Undergraduates are introduced to a strong foundation in physical and human geography, supported by skills in Geographic Information Systems and other methodologies. Because Geography is an interdisciplinary science, we have 7 relevant emphases that are designed to immerse students in studies that appeal to specific areas of interest, thus providing flexibility within a more structured context.

The Master's Program has been tremendously successful and enjoys an excellent reputation across the country. Approximately 30 M.A. and M.S. students are in residence (many of which are employed by the department as graduate assistants or graduate teaching assistants). Over a recent 3-year period, SDSU turned out one quarter of all the geography master's graduates in the state of California while maintaining very high academic standards. Students work closely with faculty advisors on their theses, and career prospects for master's graduates have been excellent.

SDSU's Joint Doctoral Program with the University of California at Santa Barbara provides the essential education, technical training and creative experience necessary for research and professional activity at the highest level in the various domains of contemporary geography, including university-level teaching. The research interests of the participating faculty members cover a range of geographic problems. The program is research intensive; each student’s program is tailored around a specific systematic area and a range of geographical methods and techniques. For over two decades, the joint doctoral program has attracted and educated top students from across the world and conferred 60 doctoral degrees. Our graduates are academic, scientific, business and community leaders in California and across the nation and the world. 

The Certificate in Geographic Information Science is a joint program of the Department of Geography and the Department of Computer Science.

Visiting Scholar Program at the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster, Germany.

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