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Master's program frequently asked question regarding graduation requirements

Q. Can I transfer credits for courses taken elsewhere to my SDSU program?

A. SDSU limits transfer credits to 9 semester units. Also note that during your first year in our program you must file an Official Program of study approved by the department Master's advising committee. Transferring units is not automatic; they must be approved as appropriate to the Official Program of study.

Q. Are there any particular classes I should take during my first year in the graduate program?

A. Yes, Geography 701 and 700 during the first two semesters. All students must take these two classes.

Q. Can I bypass the master's program and enter directly into the Ph.D. program?

A. We generally require that a student hold a master's degree before entering the Ph.D. program. Many of our incoming master's students come in with the expectation of eventually working on the doctorate. We believe that working on a master's degree provides important training for subsequent doctoral research. Any inquiries regarding the doctoral program should be directed to Professor Fernando Bosco, Dept. of Geography, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 92182-4493.

Q. How long do most students take to complete their master's degree?

A. Ideally, the program should take 2 years.

Q. If I maintain a full-time job during the day, can I reasonably expect to get through the program taking night courses, exclusively?

A. Most students who have attempted this never came close to completing the program. Furthermore, most of the classes you may need to take may never be offered at night. Think very carefully before deciding to do this.

Q. Is there a time limit for completion of the master's program?

A. Yes. All students must complete the degree within seven years of matriculation.

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