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Environmental geography overview and list of faculty working in this specialty

Environmental Geography seeks to understand human interactions with the environment and natural resources. Students learn about how humans use, manage, and alter the environment, as well as the solutions available for managing resources sustainably. Environmental policy and sound science are emphasized, and relevant issues, ranging from water supply and quality to global climate, are analyzed.

Natural resources management and planning is critical at local, regional, state, national, and international scales. Students studying within this subject area 1) learn how to analyze key issues related to conservation and environmental management, using sound science, 2) learn about management and policy approaches to address a range of environmental issues at different scales and levels of governance, and 3) learn the technologies available to synthesize and present data and conclusions. These students are prepared to find careers in natural resource policy and management, such as with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private consulting groups.

People specializing in this area

Tenure / Tenure Track

Li An

  • Space-time dynamics  and  mechanisms  of complex human-environment systems
  • Hazard-disaster  analysis for improved environmental planning, management, and recovery
  • Environment-health relationships
  • Landscape ecology: concepts, methods, and applications in environmental management, planning, and conservation 
  • Complexity theory and its applications in complex human-environment systems
  • Changes in city morphology and city residents

George Christakos

  • Environmental health and human exposure analysis
  • Environmental pollution monitoring and control

Fernando De Sales

  • Climate modeling
  • Land surface-atmosphere interaction processes

Kathleen Farley

  • Conservation practice and policy
  • Ecological and social outcomes of payment for ecosystem services
  • Use and management of grasslands, rangelands, and plantation forests

Piotr Jankowski

  • Decision Making Models and Methods
  • Public Participation GIS

Arielle Levine

Hilary McMillan

  • Water Resources
  • Impact of humans on watershed processes
  • Socio-Hydrology

John F. O'Leary

  • Biogeography and vegetation ecology (particularly of Mediterranean-type ecosystems) with special emphases upon spatial and temporal patterns of species diversity, community composition, post-disturbance resilience, and habitat preferences of species
  • Conservation planning

Douglas A. Stow

  • Land-cover and land-use change analyses
  • Land change science

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