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Li An

Li An

Professor of Geography

Storm Hall 303C
Department of Geography
San Diego State University

San Diego , CA 92182-4493
Office Phone: (619) 594-5932


  1. Ph.D. (Systems Modeling), Michigan State University, 2003
  2. M.S. (Probability and Statistics), Michigan State University, 2002
  3. M.S. (Systems Ecology), Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1992
  4. B.S. (Economic Geography), Beijing University, 1989



Research Interests:

  • Space-time dynamics  and  mechanisms  of complex human-environment systems
  • Hazard-disaster  analysis for improved environmental planning, management, and recovery
  • Environment-health relationships
  • Landscape ecology: concepts, methods, and applications in environmental management, planning, and conservation 
  • Complexity theory and its applications in complex human-environment systems
  • Changes in city morphology and city residents
  • Digital, 4-D holographic methodology (including geoComputation, visualization, space-time analysis, micro-level modeling, and 4-dimesional simulation)
  • Quantitative analysis/modeling  methods, metrics, and tools


Geographic Information Science
Spatial Data Analysis
Quantitative Methods in Geographic Research
Landscape Modeling and Simulation
Landscape Ecology

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