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George Christakos

George Christakos

Birch Distinguished Professor of Geography

Storm Hall 307C
Department of Geography
San Diego State University

San Diego , CA 92182-4493
Office Phone: (619) 594-8285


  1. PhD, Harvard University, USA, 1990
  2. DSc, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1986
  3. MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 1982
  4. MSc, University of Birmingham, UK, 1980
  5. Diploma, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1979



Research Interests:

  • Environmental health and human exposure analysis
  • Environmental pollution monitoring and control
Human Geography:
  • Medical geography and geographical epidemiology
  • Spatiotemporal modeling of natural systems in uncertain environments
  • Modern geostatistics and space-time statistics
  • Stochastic theory, probabilistic logic and risk assessment
  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge Synthesis and Temporal GIS
  • Fluid mechanics


Spatial Data Analysis
Quantitative Methods in Geographic Research

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