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Park Receives University Graduate Fellowship

Jaehee ParkNew doctoral student, Jaehee Park, has been awarded the San Diego State University Graduate Fellowship for the 2017/18 academic year. She is the first doctoral student in CAL to receive this University Graduate Fellowship.  The Fellowship directs institutional funding to support recruitment, retention, and timely degree completion for excellent graduate students.  Fellowships are awarded through a merit-based, competitive process. A faculty advisory committee will review nominations according to a scoring rubric developed by Graduate & Research Affairs and the committee.

Jaehee was nominated and selected for this fellowship because her excellent journal publication records, and the GIS and computational skills matching the need of current NSF funded project (IMEE) at SDSU, title "Integrated Stage-based Evacuation with Social Perception Analysis and Dynamic Population Estimation” (Award#: 1634641).

Her advisor is Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou.

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