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CICS Researchers Return to Centro de Artes Musicales in Tijuana

In alignment with the collaborative initiative launched by CICS and CAM earlier this year, Co-Director Pottathil, several CICS researchers and students taking the Geospatial Intelligence course (GEOG 596) were happy to accept a special invitation to an exclusive CAM musical evening. Pottathil, along with Mexican elected officials and business leaders, was also invited to give closing remarks.

CAM and CICS leadership further held a meeting to discuss plans for a large musical project with the working title "ESPERANZA: UN VIAJE MUSICAL" that is is scheduled to premiere in 2018. Pottathil will play an active role in developing this project, which aims at raising awareness of issues of global concern while offering music and digital media as a means for affecting positive transformation. "I trust that my personal knowledge of international challenges and digital technology, along with CICS' special capabilities, can be an excellent resource for CAM, contributing energy and expertise towards successful realization of this project," said the CICS Co-Director.

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