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CICS Affiliate Center Inauguration in Prague

A special event was held in Prague on October 26 to celebrate the inauguration of the Center for Data Analytics and Intelligence (CENDAI), located on the campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences. CENDAI was established at the Faculty of Economics and Management in cooperation with SDSU's Center for Information Convergence and Strategy. CICS Co-Director Pottathil will serve as CENDAI Co-Director, while CICS Co-Director Skupin has been appointed as CENDAI's Associate Director for Data Visualization and Analytics. The inauguration was hosted by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Dr. Martin Pelikán and the Vice Dean for R&D, Associate Professor Milan Houška.
The opening keynote, highlighting the strategic vision and future activities of the Center, was given by Co-Director Akshay Pottathil. Distinguished guests from the Czech Ministry of Interior, private companies and academia then convened and discussed opportunities for collaboration. CENDAI will serve as a research, consultancy and project platform for developing new ideas and support innovative solutions addressing current challenges in technology, security, trade, finance and public affairs. 

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