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Colloquium - Dr. André Skupin

When Dec 01, 2017
from 03:30 PM to 04:30 PM
Where Storm Hall 316
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From Generative Music to Emergency Management: There's a Space for That!

Dr. André Skupin
Department of Geography
San Diego State University

A fundamental tenet of spatial intelligence is that powerful spatial concepts, metaphors and techniques are at our disposal once notions of space are recognized as relevant to a vast array of domains and circumstances, far beyond the traditional bounds of geography. The impacts can range from revealing non-obvious, hidden patterns to engendering emotional engagement and supporting practical decision-making. The presentation will review several case studies, in which advanced computational and semiotic transformations were applied to diverse data. Among these is a fly-through across the U.S. – in 69-dimensional space – coupled with live generation of symphonic sound. Another project, likewise situated in the artistic domain, transformed the social media tag space associated with several hundred thousand music items into an interactive art exhibit. Finally, a recent study is discussed of the intersecting domains of big data and emergency management, aimed at supporting evidence-based curriculum development.

Dr. André Skupin is Professor of Geography and the founder and Co-Director of the Center for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS) at San Diego State University. He is also an Associate Director of the Center for Data Analytics and Intelligence (CENDAI) at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Associate Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at the University of Dubai, and co-founder of commercial spin-off BigKnowledge. Dr. Skupin combines a classic cartographic education and 25+ years of experience with the worldwide GIS market with long-standing interests in geovisualization, visual data mining, and spatio-temporal modeling. He has developed novel methods for analyzing human mobility, demographic change, and environmental indicators in attribute space. Dr. Skupin has been a thought leader in knowledge visualization, where much of his research has addressed how knowledge artifacts can be analyzed by combining traditionally disparate approaches from natural language processing, machine learning, and cartography. He is co-inventor of patent-pending technologies involving ontologies and text mining and has a strong interest in accelerated transition of technological innovation into diverse application areas, from biomedicine to finance, management, and environmental monitoring.

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