There are multiple scholarship opportunities available to Geography undergraduate and graduate students. Applications for many scholarships are through the SDSU Office of Financial Aid Leave geography site.

Geography scholarships administered through the Office of Financial Aid include: the Alvena Storm Award, the Lauren Post Award, the McFarland Award, the Ned Greenwood Award (for Physical Geography), and the William and Vivian Finch Award (for Remote Sensing). The “Geography Scholarship”, listed on the office of financial aid site has no application; these scholarships are determined directly by the scholarship committee, and all enrolled students will be considered. Additional scholarship opportunities may be made to students on an ongoing basis via the department, the University, or your advisor. A partial list of scholarship opportunities, both through the department, as well as through outside sources, is below.

If you have any questions regarding scholarship opportunities in Geography, please contact Candra Young at the Geography Department.

Partial List of Geography Student Scholarship Opportunities

joel kramer and seda salap receive award

Awards Administered by Application to the Department

Graduate students only - calls for applications will go out the 3rd week in January each year

  • Long Gen Ying Travel Fund (PhD students only, for travel in China - up to $3000)
  • Vivian Finch Latin American Fund (to support research in Latin America - up to $2000)
  • Montaha Deek Curti Scholarship for Work in Social and Environmental Justice (currently $500)

SDSU Administered Awards

Externally Administered Awards