Completed Theses

  1. 1955 to 1969
  2. 1970 to 1979
  3. 1980 to 1989
  4. 1990 to 1999
  5. 2000 to 2009
  6. 2010 to Present


Boynton, William. Spatial-Temporal Profiles of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index for the Kuparuk River Watershed. (Hope, Stow, Oechel)

Brown, Matt. Estimating Fugitive Dust Emissions from Paved and Unpaved Roads in Tijuana, Mexico. (Wright, Griffin, Sweedler)

Contreras, Kevin. The Effects of Wildfire Suppression on Vegetation Type and Patch Pattern in Central Coastal California. (Stow, O'Leary, Oechel)

Daniels, Matt. Channel Morphology Changes Within an Intermittent Stream: A Case Study of Reaches on the Santa Maria River in San Diego County. (McArthur, Azary, Girty)

Engstrom, Ryan. The Relationship Between the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and the Priestly-Taylor Alpha Coefficient in Arctic Tundra Ecosystems. (Hope, Stow, Oechel, Getis)

Hathaway, Stacie. An Exploratory Analysis of the Biogeographic Distribution of Herpetofauna (Reptiles and Amphibians) in San Diego County Using Museum Records and Survey Data. (Franklin, Wright, Fisher)

Henderson, Daniel. Modeling Climatic Conditions in the Tijuana Watershed. (Wright, Aguado, Girty)

Jain, Catherine. The Effectiveness of Internet-Based Instruction: An Experiment in Physical Geography. (Getis, Pryde, Piland)

Kesaris, Alex. Air Pollution, Environmental Equity and Mortality: A Statistical Study of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (Weeks, Rey, Sweedler, Jerrett)

McIntyre, David. Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of Illegal Immigration on the Cleveland National Forest. (Weeks, Wright, Kus)

Pence, Keith. Normalization of Aircraft-Based Spectral Radiances for Changes in Illumination Conditions Over the North Slope of Alaska. (Hope, Stow, Oechel)

Peterson, Seth. Using a Multiple Endmember Linear Mixture Model to Study Chaparral Regrowth on MCAS Miramar. (Stow, Hope, Deutschman, O'Leary)

Rolfe, Allison. Mapping the MSCP Process: Habitat Conservation Planning in the San Diego Region. (Pryde, Pohl, Calavita, Mattingly)

Schwerin, Michael. Open Space Preservation in San Diego County's Coastal Zone. (O'Brien, Azary, Caves)

Stephenson, John. The Influence of Geographic Variation in Habitat Quality on the Persistence of Spotted Owls in a Changing Southern California Landscape. ()

Stutz, Christa. The Spatial, Economic and Gender Differences Among Mexican Trolley Commuter Worker Entering San Diego County. (Mattingly, Quastler, Davies)


Baron, Kurtis. Flood Hazard and Risk Management for the Tijuana River Watershed. (Wright, McArthur, Chang)

Blackwell, Steve. The Environmental Impacts of Rock Climbing in Yosemite National Park. (Fredrich, O'Brien, Beck)

Conway, Kimberlee. Vulnerability of Goat Canyon - Canyon de los Laureles to Transborder Flood Hazards. (Wright, McArthur, Chang)

Cook, Casey. The Application of Ecological Geographical Information System (GIS) Learning Modules in a High School Environment. (Wright, Fredrich, Dodge)

Dev, Boris. Representing Spatial and Interindustry Structure in Multiregional Econometric Models. (Rey, Getis, Gerber)

Fox, Tim. Integrating Fire Behavior Modeling and Geographic Information Systems: An Assessment of Fire Hazard Classification in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California. (Tague, Franklin, Elder)

Gray, Kenneth. A Spatial Analysis of Dengue Fever Risk Determinants: A Case Study in Iquitos, Peru. (Getis, Weeks, Brodine)

Greer, Keith. Vegetation Type Conversion in Los Penasquitos Lagoon: An Examination of the Role of Watershed Urbanization. (Stow, O'Leary, Diffendorfer, White)

Jones, Deborah. Estimating the Cost of Beach Closures Using Hedonic Price Analysis. (Rey, Weeks, Thayer, Getis)

Kayzar, Brenda. First, let me tell you about the neighborhood: The Residential Sorting Process and Place Identity Promotion. (Ford, Mattingly, Wiese)

Langevine, Chris. A Neutral Network Approach for Remote Sensing-based Change Detection and Identification: Map-updating in a Dynamic Urban Landscape in Southern California. (Stow, Hope, Salamon)

Longmire, Pauline. Use of Very High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery for Assessment of Land Cover Change in the Coastal Shrubland Vegetation of Southern California. (Stow, O'Leary, Hanscom)

Mae, Yoko. Population Issues in the United Nations Environmental Policies: Analysis and Evaluation. (Weeks, Wildes, Johns)

Mattheis, Dan. The Spatial and Interindustry Characteristics of Regional Industry Clusters in San Diego County. (Rey, Weeks, Clement)

McGinnis, Mark. Predicting the Spatial Pattern of Urban Growth in San Diego County: An Application of the Clarke Urban Growth Model. (Wright, Weeks, Caves)

Miles, Ross. Simulating Land Use Change in Tijuana, Mexico Using Cellular Automata. (Wright, Griffin, Frost)

Nyden, Bruce. Multi-Temporal Change Analysis of a Southern California Saltmarsh Using Airborne Digital Imagery. (Stow, Franklin, Ebert)

Peak, Christopher. Ethnic Enclaves and Prenatal Health: Does Neighborhood Cultural Context Affect Risks of Low Birth Weight Among Mexico Origin Women in San Diego? (Weeks, Getis, Ojeda)

Smit, Holly. Remote Sensing of Deforestation in the Mosquitia Region of Honduras. (Stow, Griffin, Davies)

Witztum, Elizabeth. Analyzing Direct Impacts of Recreation Activity on Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat with Very High-Resolution Multi-spectral Imagery. (Stow, O'Leary, Kus)


Aldstadt, Jared. Testing the Goldschmidt Hypothesis: An Examination of the Farm Structure-Community Relationship in California's San Joaquin Valley (Getis, Rey, Pérez)

Batchelor, Jason. Assessing Scale Issues with Nonpoint Sources Pollution Modeling in the Bight of the Californias: A Case Study in the Tijuana River Watershed. (Wright, Tague, Gersberg)

Comer, Katherine. Habitat Suitability Index Models for Nesting Sea Turtles at the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (Tague, Franklin, Anderson, Alberts)

Cunningham, Mark. The San Diego Bay Marine Information System: The Application of a Real-Time Geographical Information System to Maritime Operational Decision Making. (Pryde, Tsou, Stewart)

Garrison, Clint. Monitoring California Landscapes Using DCS 420 CIR High Spatial Resolution Digital Imagery. (Hope, Stow, Frost)

Hudak, Heidi. Assessing the Utility of High Resolution Airborne Digital Imagery to Map Benthic Cover for Shallow Waters of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (Stow, O'Leary, Trees)

Janikas, Mark. Modeling the Total Fiscal Effects of New Growth in San Diego County. (Rey, Weeks, Balsdon)

Kitchen, Jeff. Estimating Potential Evaporation for Watersheds with Steep Terrain in Southern California Using the Hargreaves Model. (Hope, Wright, Thorbjarnarson)

Lindsay, David. Privatization of Suburban Community Space: The Role of Homeowners Associations and CC&Rs in Northwestern San Diego County. (Aitken, Ford, Calavita)

Paluch, Jennifer. Distance from Miami as Measurement of Differences in the Cuban American Community: A Demographic and Political Study on Population. (Weeks, Getis, Murillo-Jiménez)

Perry, Adrienne. Spatial Analysis of Dengue Risk Factor Variation and Virus Incidence: A Case Study of Iquitos, Peru. (Getis, Weeks, Brodine)

Quinlan, Rick. Spatial Variations of Ambient Airborne Particulate Matter in the San Diego-Tijuana Border Region. (Wright, Getis, Sweedler)

Tiegs, Scott. Disturbances and Diversity Patterns in Riparian Ecosystems of the Colorado River Delta (Pohl, O'Leary, Pryde, White)

Williams, Laurie. Using Presence-Only Data to Model Suitable Habitat for the Fisher (Martes pennanti) in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California. (O'Leary, Franklin, Diffendorfer)

Yang, Xiaoling. A Spatial Analysis of the Fertility Transition in Menoufia, Egypt, Using Remote Sensing and GIS (Weeks, Getis, El-Assal)


Aguirre, Hector. Demographic Change and Violence in Colombia, 1965-1995. (Weeks, Rey, Gerber)

Borgen, Jennifer. Museums of Landscape: An Evaluation of Landscape Immersion Zoo Exhibit Design. (Pryde, Aitken, Ross)

Cao, Lina. Updating Maps of Undocumented Immigrant Trails Along the U.S.-Mexico border Using Airborne Digital Multispectral Imagery. (Stow, Hope, Diffendorfer)

Cooper, Laurie. Testing Very-Low Altitude Digital Imaging for High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Modeling. (Stow, Hope, Ponce)

Fugate, Debbie. Environmental Context and Health: An Intra-Urban Level Analysis in Cairo, Egypt. (Weeks, Stow, Brodine, Getis)

Guo, Liang. Web-Based Geospatial Information Services and Analytical Tools for Natural Habitat Conservation and Management. (Tsou, Stow, Whitney)

Jennings, Joel. Discourses and Discipline: Interpreting Children's Experiences with the San Diego Maritime Museum Living History Program (Aitken, Bosco, Ritblatt)

Larsen, Rasmus. Distributed Cartographic Knowledge Bases: An Intelligent Software Agent Approach. (Tsou, Stow, Eckberg)

Li, Yuying. Software Agent-Based Intelligent Data Processing System for Environmental Models. (Tsou, Tague, Whitney)

Lieberman, Anna. Mapping Fire Effects in Southern California Mediterranean Vegetation Using Remote Sensing Data. (Stow, Hope, Franklin)

Lowenfish, Martin. Using Remote Sensing and Landscape Metrics to Predict the Health of a Semi-Arid Wyoming Rangeland. (Stow, Franklin, Deutschman)

Ryan, John. The Human Tide: An Assessment of Procedures for Estimating Daily Peak Beach Attendance (Stow, Tague, Kurschvink)

Service, Dawn. Characterizing Invasive Vegetation Densities Using Remotely-Sensed Data, De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa. (Hope, Stow, Diffendorfer, Franklin)

Snapp-Cook, Jonathan. Organic Agriculture in San Diego County: The Farmer's Perspective. (Fredrich, Aitken, Bauder)

Stein, Adam. Calibration of the Hydrologic Simulation Program FORTRAN in a Southern California Shrubland Watershed. (Hope, Tague, Gersberg)

Tarnavsky, Elena. Spatial and Radiometric Fiedlity of High Resolution Airborne Multispectral Imagery in the Context of Land-Cover Change Analyses. (Stow, Hope, Franklin)


Choate, Janet. Modeling Low Streamflow response to Climate Variability and Clearcutting in Snowpack and Rain-dominated Forested Watersheds in the Western Oregon Cascades. (Tague, Hope, Thorbjarnarson)

Farrell, Michael. Geologic Control of Stream Temperatures in the McKenzie River Watershed and Implications for Sensitivity to Climate Change. (Tague, Rey, Anderson)

O'Grady, Kristen. Urban-Rural Fringe Watersheds: Modeling the Impacts of Land Use Change on the Hydrologic Controls of Nitrogen Cycling in Temperate Versus Semi-Arid Watersheds. (Tague, Hope, Thorbjarnarson)

Peterson, Aaron. Interannual ArcticTundra Vegetation Productivity Trends Estimated Using AVHRR-NDVI Datasets with Different Spatial Sampling Schemes. (Stow, Hope, Oechel)

Tucker, Mark. Evaluation Riparian Mitigation Sites in San Diego County Using the Hydrogeomorphic Approach to Functional Assessment. (Pohl, Tague, White)


Clark, Robyn. Sensitivity Analysis of the HFire Model in a Shrubland Landscape. (Hope, Tague, Regan)

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