Completed Theses

  1. 1955 to 1969
  2. 1970 to 1979
  3. 1980 to 1989
  4. 1990 to 1999
  5. 2000 to 2009
  6. 2010 to Present


Anderson, Shawna. A Spatial Approach to Open Space Preservation. (Wright, Pryde, Caves)

Evans, Shelly. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Evapotranspiration in the San Joaquin Valley of California. (Hope, Aguado, Oechel)

Fridell, Deborah A. Analysis of the Impacts of Off-road Vehicle Use in Hungry Valley California State Vehicular Recreation Area. (Fredrich, Wright, Pryde)

Kimball, John. The Use of Vegetation Indices for Quantifying the Biomass Characteristics of Vegetation on the North Slope of Alaska. (Hope, Stow, Tenhunen)

Miles, Martin. Incorporating Spatially Varying Parameter Methods Into Remote Sensing Based Water Quality Statistical Modeling. (Stow, Aguado, Macky)

Nicol, Jacqueline. The Impact of Redevelopment on the Residents of Single Room Occupants in Downtown San Diego. (Stutz, Aitken, Ima)

Osborn, Alan. The Distribution of Orthodox and Alternative Primary Health Care Practitioners in San Diego County. (Fredrich, Aitken, Moore)

Simon, Richard. A Case Study in Locational Conflict: Proximity and Public Opposition to the Proposed San Marcos Trash-Energy Plant. (Johnson, Quastler, Hohm)

Westmoreland, Sally. Use of Satellite Imagery and Ancillary Data to Update a Vector-Coded Geographic Information System. (Stow, Wright, Feeney)


Anderson, Ellen. Coastal Sage Scrub Brush as Gnatcatcher Habitat: the Problem of Endangered Species and Habitat Preference. (O'Leary, Pryde, E. Allen, M. Allen)

Cliffe, Timothy. Monitoring Grapevine Soil Moisture Deficit Using the Temperature-Stress-Day Index. (Hope, Aguado, Oechel)

Collins, Doretta. Determining Land Use Change Through an Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies. (Stow, Wright, Caves)

Contay, Dan. An Analysis of Regional Variation in the Application of Federal Clean Water Act Secondary Wastewater Treatment Standards. (Pryde, Keen, Fairlie)

Duncan, Jeff. Assessing the Relationship Between Spectral Vegetation Indices and Proportional Shrub Cover in Semiarid Environments. (Stow, Franklin, Hope)

Fenner, Theresa. The Cumulative Impact of Wetlands in San Diego County Under Federal and State Regulatory Programs. (Pryde, O'Leary, M. Allen)

Glagow, Kimberly. An Evaluation of Open Space Policies: Preserving Biological Diversity in the Otay Mesa Region. (Wright, Franklin, Kus)

Strum, Richard. Mapping of Pleistocene-Age Shoreline in the Seismically-Acitve Salton Trough Using Remotely Sensed Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanning (Tims) Data. (Stow, Hope, Rockwell)

Turner, Debra. Invertible Canopy Reflectance of Semiarid Shrub Vegetation. (Franklin, Stow, Hope, Reynolds)

Tyner, James. Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Migration-Fertility Relations as a Reflection of US Immigration Policy: A Study of Filipino Immigrants in San Diego, California. (Griffin, Aitken, Oades)

Wingate, Joan. Perception of Local Water Resources and Water Conservation Behavior. (Aitken, Wright, Hageman)


Chandler, Russell. A GIS-Based System for Locating Traffic Counting Stations for Estimating Origin-Destination Flows. (Rushton, Getis, Supernak)

Miller, Maryann. The Geographical Analysis of Implementing Proactive Land-Use Controls Adjacent to High-Voltage Electrical Transmission Corridors. (Pryde, O'Brien, Hofherr)

Miranda, Marta. In Search of the Promised Land: Land Tenure in Northeast Brazil and Migration to the Amazonian Frontier. (Griffin, Aitken, Cunniff)

Nathanson, Joel. The Effectiveness of Generating Regional-Scale Land Use GIS Layers from Remotely Sense Data. (Stow, Wright, Short)

Pudoff, Timothy. The Spatial and Temporal Effects of Off-Highway Vehicles on Vegetation and Landforms in and Arid Environment: A Case Study of Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, California. (Fredrich, Wright, Getis, Beck)

Shandley, Joseph. Using Image Segmentation to Map Vegetation Stands in the Pine Creek Watershed, Cleveland National Forest. (Franklin, Stow, Virgina)

Walton, Judy. The Production of Ghetto Space in "America's Finest City". (Ford, Aitken, Caves)


Carter, James. Ocean Beach, Continuity and Change in a San Diego Community. (Ford, O'Brien, Starr)

Van Mouwerik, David. Assessing Vegetation Abundance of Spartina Foliosa in a Southern California Salt Marsh Using Remote Sensing. (Stow, Franklin, Zedler)


Bortman, Amy. An Integrated Spatial Analysis/GIS Procedure for Estimating Suppressed County Employment Data. (Getis, Rey, Gerber)

Edgeman, Laura L. Teaching Successional Vegetation Dynamics: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Animated and Static Graphics. (Brewer, O'Leary, Mathison)

Granger, William. Examination of the Perceived Constraints to Drought Tolerant Forms of Landscaping. (Aitken, Franklin, Bryson)

Kunces, Nils. The Effect of the Global Position System on Spatial Knowledge Acquisition. (Wright, Aitken, Hillix)

Limoges, Michelle. Applying Cartographic Expertise to Determining Tolerance Values for Automated Simplification of Linear Features. (Wright, Brewer, Baase)

Mains, Susan. There's No Place Like Home...Social Diversity and the Evolution of Housing in Hillcrest. (Ford, Aitken, Jones)

Marin, Robert. Evaluating Three-Dimensional Digital Terrain Maps for Visual Interpretation of Thematic Data. (Brewer, Wright, Frost)

Prosser, Rudolph. An Analysis of the Ideas of Inherent in Rule of Thumb for Digitizing Topographic Data in Triangulated Irregular Network. (Wright, McArthur, Girty)

Rogers, Cheryl. Evaluation of the Use of Color Saturation to Depict Data Uncertainty on Digital Maps. (Brewer, Wright, Yaremko)

Salloway, Caroline. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Perceptually Ordered Color Schemes for Maps. (Brewer, Rey, Matt)


Abeyta, Andres. Imaging the Desert: A Walk Through the Wildflowers. (Franklin, Stow, Allen)

Ayers, Teri. Analysis of Habitat Fragmentation of Old Growth Redwood Forests in Northern California. (Franklin, Getis, Zedler)

Bersantes, Gina. Health, Economic Development, Environmental Policy Along the U.S.-Mexican Border. (Weeks, O'Brien, Gersberg)

Bolick, Leslie. Conservation and Park Development at Mount Talau, Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga. (Franklin, O'Brien, Simpson)

Chaddock, Lisa. A Place to Gather. (Fredrich, Greenwood, Pryde, Carrica, Kilpatrick)

DeLuca, Nickolas. The Invisible Health Care Landscape: Popular Medicine in Santiago, Chile. (Griffin, Fredrich, Davies)

Dow, David. A Comparative Evaluation of the Universal Soil Loss Equation and the Erosion Hazard Rating System in a GIS. (Wright, McArthur, Girty)

Duburguet, Derren. Estimating the Excess Resistance to Sensible Heat Flux in a Grassland Using a Spectral Vegetation Index. (Hope, Stow, Zedler)

Esraghi, Arman. An Evaluation of ADAR Image Based Methods for Estimating Cover Composition of Major Plant Forms in Restored Riparian Habitats. (Stow, Franklin, Cox)

Fleury, Scott. A Theoretical Assessment of the Umbrella Species Concept. (O'Leary, Pryde, Cox)

Frank, Bruce. Fire Fuel Modification at Camp Pendleton: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Use of Preference Analysis Techniques in a Geographic Information System. (Wright, Rey, Girty)

Gray, Curtis. Predicting the Location of Riparian Vegetation Using Landsat TM and Digital Terrain Data in the Cleveland National Forest. (Franklin, O'Leary, Bauder)

Houston, Diane. Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Mediterranean Fruit Fly Outbreaks and Subsequent Eradication Efforts in Southern California 1975-1993. (Pryde, Greenwood, Peyster, Carey)

McCollough, Paul. Predictive Vegetation Modeling Using Classification Tree Analysis. (Franklin, Getis, Zedler)

Michel, Suzanne. Raptors and Rhetoric: How Communicative Actions Shape Golden Eagle Habitat in Ramona, California. (Aitken, Franklin, Jones)

Norton, Sharilyn. The Effect of Ecosystem Fragmentation Upon a Dune Scrub Community in Pismo Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. (O'Leary, Fredrich, Helenrum)

Pappas, Katina. Inside My Employer's Home: Daily Activity Spaces of Domestic Workers in Santiago, Chile. (Griffin, Fredrich, Aitken, Jones)

Prosser, Kathryn A. An Analysis of Image Processing Techniques for Regional Vegetation Mapping in Coastal Southern California. (Stow, Franklin, Zedler)

Prout, Eric. Preservation in Bern: Continuity and Change in the Sense of Place. (Ford, Weeks, Calavita)

Reece, Brian. Accumulation and Melt Characteristics of North-Central Sierra Nevada Snowpacks. (Aguado, Hope, Dorman)

Streiff, Meg. Corridors in Chaos: Examining the Consequences of Highway Construction on Urban Communities in San Diego, CA. (Ford, Weeks, Calavita)

Swenson, Jennifer. Examining and Predicting Habitat Fragmentation Using a Geographic Information System in the Santa Monica Mountains. (Franklin, Hope, Cox)

Wells, Michael. Physical Site Preferences in Chaparral Shrubs. (O'Leary, Getis, Oechel)


Brewster, Alice. Utilizing Geographic Technologies to Analyze the Nesting Habitat Preferences of the Belding's Savannah Sparrow. (Stow, Fredrich, Powell, Zedler)

Dorner, Steven J. An Interactive Approach to Spatio-Temporal Visualization and Query in a GIS. (Wright, O'Brien, Frost)

Henry, Mary C. Monitoring Post-Burn Recovery of Chamise Chaparral Using SPOT XS Data. (Hope, O'Leary, Zedler)

Kaiser, John V. Predicting Liquefaction Susceptible Regions Within the Coastal Corridor on Camp Pendleton, California, Using GIS Modeling. (Wright, McArthur, Frost)

Koczot, Katy. Estimating Rates and Patterns of Historic Ground Water Pumpage for Irrigation Using a Geobased Numerical Model. (Pryde, Stow, Thorbjarnarson)

Smith, Darren. Floristic Composition and Diversity of Diegan Alluvial Sage Scrub Vegetation. (O'Leary, Franklin, Zedler)

Westersund, Andrea. Just Passing Through: The Tourist, The Map and Catalina Island, California. (Aitken, Wright, Frost)


Askov, David. Predictive Mapping of the Soils of the Tijuana River Watershed. (Wright, Greenwood, Girty)

Bohr, Greg. Cold Season Precipitation in the Rocky Mountains: Patterns of Accumulation and Variability. (Aguado, Rey, Girty)

Bradshaw, Brian. Integrating High Resolution Digital Imagery and Digital Terrain Data for Mapping Restored Salt Marsh Habitat. (Stow, Franklin, Zedler)

Cohen, Michael. Taking Water from the Desert: An Institutional Perspective on the Environmental Impacts of Reductions in the Flow of the Colorado River Between Parker Dam. (Pryde, Azary, Carruthers)

Gordon, Sharon. In the Limelight: Nightclubs, Space and Homosexual Group Identity in New York City. (Mattingly, Aitken, Ford, Kohen)

Hines, Ellen. A Sensitivity Analysis of Map and Habitat Quality for California Spotted Owl (Strix Occidentalis Occidentalis) in Southern California. (Franklin, Fredrich, Bauder)

Johnson, Harry. Visualizing Flow Lines: A Comparison of Paper Chess Maps and Animation. (Nelson, Wright, Reed)

Levine, Hedy. Overcoming Spatial Disutility: Site and Situation Problems of the Torress Martinez Cahuilla Reservation. (Pryde, Fredrich, Greenfield)

Obee, Anne. Spatial Modeling of Industrial Air Pollution and Its Relationship to Residential Areas in Tijuana, Mexico. (Griffin, Wright, Weeks, Sweedler)

Parker, Vicki. Adobephilia: Creation and Institutionalization of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Landscape. (Ford, Getis, Fredrich, Moramarco)

Pray, Heather. How Sensitive is Environmentally Sensitive Lands Mapping? (Stow, Wright, Caves)

Sagan, Yasutaka. Recreational Images of the Shopping Malls in San Diego. (Ford, Aitken, Herzog)

Shaari, David. Predicting Conifer Crown Size in the Lassen and Modoc National Forests Using Landsat TM and SPOT Panchromatic Imagery. (Franklin, Stow, Allen)

Vance, Jon. The Development of Computer Based Instruction for the Tijuana River Watershed. (Wright, Fredrich, Dodge)

Wang, Weidong. A Fuzzy Set Based Method for Image Classification. (Getis, Stow, Swiniarski)

Weir, Daniel. Land Use Changes by the Tohono O'odham at Quitovac Oasis, Sonora, Mexico. (Frankiln, Azary, Greenfield, Fredrich)

Yokata, Tatsuo. Municipal Solid Waste Disposal in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. (Johnson, Quastler, Thayer)


Bost, Alec. Assessing Effectiveness Differences for Common Spatial Tasks: A Comparison Between Screen-based Maps and Paper Maps. (Nelson, Wright, Frost, Getis)

Kurylo, Richard. City of Wisdom: A Comparative Study of the Downtown Urban Designs of San Diego and Portland. (Ford, Weeks, Herzog)

Montouri, Brett. Are U.S. Regional Incomes Converging?: A Spatial Analysis. (Rey, Getis, Gupta)

Placchi, Carol. Land Use and Water Quality in the Upper Reaches of the Tijuana River. (Wright, Azary, Gersberg)

Reyes, Pablo Jesus G. Industrial Risk and Population Vulnerability in Mexicali, Baja Mexico. (Griffin, Wright, Ganster)

Rich, Tracy. An Assessment of the Relationship Between Household Resource and Labor Divisions, and the Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Andapa Basin, Madagascar. (Mattingly, Fredrich, Ahmed-Ghosh)

Rogers, Dean. Travel Cost and Willingness-to-Pay Estimates for Beach Use in San Diego County. (Stutz, Jerrett, Williams)

Rundle, Robert A. Historic Preservation and Adaptive Landscape Modification in Golden Hill, Sherman Heights, and Grant Hill, San Diego. (Ford, Azary, Caves)


Barto, Wendy. Predicting Potential Habitat for the Arroyo Toad (bufo microscaphus Californicus) in San Diego County, Using a Habitat Suitability Model and Digital Terrain Data. (Franklin, O'Leary, McClenaghan, Wright)

Bennett, John. The Effect of Topography and Vegetation on Highway traffic Noise: An Investigation of Sound Levels in the Alvarado Canyon Transit Corridor of San Diego. (Stow, Getis, Pryde, Pierucci)

Coulter, Lloyd. Estimating Sub-pixel Lake Cover on the North Slope of Alaska Using Linear Mixture Modeling and AVHRR Imagery. (Hope, Stow, Oechel)

Edwards, Laura. The Display of Data Uncertainty Using Bivariate Graduated Symbols. (Nelson, Wright, Marshall)

Martin, Ross. Modeling Landscape Scale Fire Disturbance and Functional Group Response: A Simulation of the Fire Adaptive Behaviors Found in the Vegetation Communities of the Laguna Mountains in Southern California. (Franklin, O'Leary, Deutschman)

Naesse, Irene. What Are These Places Doing in Orange County?: Old Downtowns in a Postmodern Urban Landscape. (Ford, Weeks, Herzog)

Reed, Michael. Waves of Commodification: A Critical Investigation into the Geography of Surfing Subculture. (Aitken, Ford, Nericcio)

Simons, Dena. Predicting the Effects of Environmental Characteristics Upon Potential Site Productivity of Chaparral in the Descanso Ranger District. (Frankiln, Rey, Williams)

Stanforth, James. An Analysis of Demographic Change in Menoufia, Egypt Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. (Weeks, Stow, El-Assal)

Yanow, Ken. Comparison of a Real Sky Versus a Clear Sky Insolation Model for Use in a Predictive Spectral Vegetation Index Model. (Franklin, Aguado, Frost)

Zmudka, Thomas. An Analysis of Terrain Mapping Techniques for Improving Recreational Trail Maps. (Nelson, O'Brien, Atkins-Kaplan)