Completed Theses

  1. 1955 to 1969
  2. 1970 to 1979
  3. 1980 to 1989
  4. 1990 to 1999
  5. 2000 to 2009
  6. 2010 to Present


Latham, Vern. 500 Millibar Circulation Patterns Related to Santa Ana Weather in San Diego County. (Eidemiller, Finch, Olson)

Schlansky, Mark. Restructuring of the Airline Industry Under Regulation: The Domestic Route Network. (Quastler, Heiges, Beatty)

Steinbaugh, Charles. Policies and Land Use Impacts of Naval Special Warfare at Camp Keerey, Niland, California. (Greenwood, O'Brien)

Sugimoto, Toshifumi. Overseas Investment by Japanese Firms with Special Reference to the San Diego Region. (Keen, Ford, Matuura)


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Hussey, Kevin. An Automated Procedure for Assessing Population Exposure to air Pollution in Southern California Utilizing Image Processing Technology. (Wright, McArthur, Beatty)

Iacometti, Susan. An Evaluation of Low-Resolution Interactive Graphics as an Aid in Preparing Proportional Point Symbol Maps. (Wright, McArthur, Beatty)

Krausmann, William. An Analysis of Several Variables Affecting Fire Occurrence and Size in San Diego County. (Fredrich, Wright, Zedler)

Powell, Harry. Mission Beach: The Creation of Place. (Ford, O'Brien, Lewin)

Spear, Steven. The Physical Geography Boundary Between the Salton Trough and the Peninsular Ranges Natural Provinces in San Diego and Imperial Counties, California. (Fredrich, Eidemiller)


Hix, Michael. An Analytical Comparison of Landsat Computer Compatible Tapes and Film Imagery. (Wright, Eidemiller, Olson)

Hoffman, Robert. Premature Housing and Community Decline in Suburbia. (Stutz, Herzog, Hohm)

Lapota, David. Biological and Regulatory Feasibility of Abalone Aquaculture in the California Coastal Zone. (Pryde, Fredrich, Ford)

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Tracy, Michael. Airline Deregulation and its Effect on Service to Small Communities in Northern California: A Guideline for the Potential of Economic, Unsubsidized Service. (Quastler, O'Brien, Beatty)


Gauss-Powell, Diana. Biological Resource Protection Through use of Open Space Easements. (Pryde, O'Brien, Calavita)

Gross-Paulson, Daira. In-Flight Passenger Orientation. (Wright, Eidemiller, Beatty)

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Hill, Edmund. The Effects of Suburbanization of Personal Energy and Cale-of-Time Costs in the San Diego Region. (Stutz, Quastler, Kartmen)

Porteous, John. Cost-Effectiveness of Passive Solar Residential Homes for San Diego County. (Pryde, Keen, Sweedler)

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Williams, Mark. Coccidioidomycosis in Tijuana: A Spatial and Epidemiological Analysis. (Fredrich, Griffin, Patrick)

Wynn, Lisa. Comparison of Manually Produced and Automated Cross Country Movement Maps Using Digital Image Processing Techniques. (Wright, Stow, Noble)


Baker, Bryan. The Self-Designed New Town as a Resource Planning Method: The Case of Cerro Gordo Oregon. (Johnson, Keen, Clapp)

Chisholm, John. Economic Evaluation of a Four-Park Hierarchy in San Diego Using Travel Cost and Contingent Evaluation Methodology. (Stutz, O'Brien, Namba)

Keller, Christine. Measuring the Compatibility of Agriculture and Transmission Lines in Central California. (Pryde, O'Leary, Babilot)

Mensel, Ruth. The High School Geography Project: An Investigative Study. (Johnson, Keen, Case)

Mercurio, Richard. Landscape Taste in Suburbia: A Comparison of Planned and Non-Conformist Communities. (Ford, Griffin, Hohm)

Simon, Lawrence. Small Hydroelectric Development in Inyo and Mono Counties: A Regional Analysis of Cumulative Resource Impacts. (Pryde, O'Brien, Thayer)

Stewart-Gertler, Ann. Conservation of Environmental Quality: An Evaluation of the Maryland Coastal Zone Management Program. (Keen, O'Brien, Zedler)

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Bearden, Patsy. Use of the Satellite Remote Sensing to Determine the Distribution of the Pacific Mackerel (Scomber Japonicus) in the Eastern North Pacific. (Stow, Keen, Ford)

Boxer, Lorissa. Population Growth and Depopulation in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Giffin, Ford, Silverman)

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