Laboratory Facilities

The department uses state-of-the-art facilities located on the 3rd floor of Storm Hall. They include excellent computing and field equipment resources housed in laboratories within the Storm Hall North wing. The computing facilities include a cluster of high-end servers and workstations maintained by department’s technical staff, GPS and UAV equipment with specialized cameras, and a variety of software packages.

The Richard D. Wright Spatial Analysis Lab (SH 324)

This is the main teaching lab for the Department of Geography. The introductory and intermediate GIS, remote sensing and cartography lab sessions are conducted in this facility. Open lab time is utilized by students to finish assignments and also by the intro and intermediate spatial statistics classes.

The Center for Earth Systems Analysis Research (CESAR) Lab (SH 328)

CESAR is the computing hub of the department. In addition to high-end workstations, the CESAR complex houses the department server room consisting of numerous processing and storage devices linked to all department labs and offices through a Department of Geography administered LAN; a special projects room for student-accessible servers; a large work/equipment storage room; and the offices of the technical staff. A large format printer and scanner are also located here.

The William A. Finch Jr. Remote Sensing Lab (SH 331)

This is a research and instructional facilitating for facilitating remote sensing and image processing science and technology. The key laboratory components are 10 high-end computer stations with dual monitors that facilitate stereoscopic viewing and photogrammetric processing.

The Geography Physical Lab (SH 333)

This lab serves primarily as a teaching laboratory where eight sections (each containing 20 students) of a lower-division physical geography lab are conducted each semester. The physical geography lab contains a variety of apparatus and teaching aids essential for weekly completion of students' lab experiments. In addition, the lab is used to store hydrologic equipment and samples used by the Watershed Analysis group.

The Qualitative Lab (SH 337)

This area is used to analyze qualitative data collected by interviews and surveys.

The Visualization Lab (SH 339)

This is a graduate research area exploring new topics in Visualization.

All labs (excluding the Physical Lab) are equipped with high-end computer workstations. Each computer has extensive GIS, Remote Sensing, statistical and modeling software resources including ESRI ArcGIS and related products, GRASS, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, SPlus, and SPSS. Graphics software includes Adobe products along with various software utilities.

The laboratories are supported by four (4) full time technical staff.