Media Geographies

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Explores spatial questions about material production, cultural meaning, and bodily affects and perceptions in relation to all forms of media, including film, TV, social media, video-games, radio, music, and theater.


The Right to the City

Giorgio Curti, Jim Craine and Stuart Aitken worked on the fight to stay put, which focused on social lessons through media imaginings and urban transformation and change. Fernando Bosco, Kate Swanson, and Pascale Joassart-Marcelli contributed chapters on this topic in a 2013 volume they edited.

Imagining Dystopian Urban Geographies

Several key projects focused on dystopian and utopian representations of future urban spaces.

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Identity Politics and Film

Fernando Bosco and Stuart Aitken have been involved in a variety of projects focused on political identity and film with a particular focus on the space of the camera projection and place depiction in film.