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Faga'alu Village Labelled

Watersheds are impacted by climate change and human activities.  Research in the Biggs Lab group addresses the impact of humans on watershed processes, including the water balance, sediment budgets, and water quality.  Study sites include American Samoa, Tijuana, San Diego, California's Central Valley, southern India, and the Indian Himalaya.  Techniques include remote sensing of land cover, evapotranspiration, terrain (3D photo reconstruction), modelling, and fieldwork for channel geometry, streamflow, water quality, and stable isotopes.

Current Students

Michael Beland: Mapping vegetation and coastal change after the BP oil spill
Kris Taniguchi:  Channel erosion and sediment budgets of urbanization in Tijuana
Napoleon Gudino:  Hillslope erosion and best management practices in Tijuana

Lara Barrett:  Climate change and monthly water balance
Luis de la Torre:  Solute and nutrient transport in channelized and restored urban streams
Garret McGurk:  Tijuana sediment loads
Joel Kramer:  Agricultural water scarcity in Mexicali
Rodney Feddema:  Groundwater quality in Mexicali
Sarah Roberts:  Groundwater quality along the All American Canal
Benjamin Downing:  Riparian vegetation in urbanized watersheds

Publications with SDSU students

MS and PhD Theses supervised

Project websites

Data Sources

R links and code

Introduction to R:  Princeton Lab
Introduction to R:  UC Denver (includes video tutorials)
R cookbook: Nice applied examples
R wikis and blogs for hydrologists

Manuscript preparation:  Tables and Figures
R htmlTable help and exampleR plot tricks:  Axis label text--superscripts and subscripts
Save figures to eps files
Batch combine pdf files for manuscript submission

1.  Download_GMAO_MERRA_data

2.  R batch download MODIS data
3.  Reproject MODIS data using MRT
4.  Resample GMAO data to MODIS resolution
5.  R calculate Rn from GMAO and MODIS albedo

Hydrology R scripts
R USGS streamflow data load and plot

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