The AAG-GISS   List-serve

To subscribe to the GISS Specialty Group's list-serve you must be a current member of the AAG and of the GISS-SG. For more information on membership, visit the AAG's web site and click on the "Membership" link.

You can also contact Dr. Ming-Hsiang (Ming) Tsou directly and ask him to post your announcements in the AAG GISS-SG list.  Please email .

How To Subscribe

When you apply or continue your AAG membership, you will be asked to select your interested specialty groups.  If you select the Geographic Information Systems and Science specialty Group, you will be automatically added into the GISS list-serve hosted by AAG web server. You can also manually add the GISS list-serve.

(Login AAG website first, select the [Membership] from the top menu, then select the [Member Only] from the left-side window menu, then in the bottom of this page, you can customize your subscription by selecting [Global setting] or [Manage Subscriptions to Specialty Group News and Discussion Forums].  (Note: some functions may not work currently due to the AAG website revision).

How To Post (updated for the new AAG website, 2010).

You can post your messages to all GISS-SG members by using your own AAG account in the AAG website.   First, open a Web Browser to access the AAG website  (   In the top-right corner of the website, you will find a box to login with your own AAG account.   The login account is usually your AAG member number, such as "09700###".  After the login, select the "Membership" from the top menu (green).  Then, select the [Members only]. You will see the page as the following with the title of [My Account].

new AAG website

my community

Scroll down the web page,  you will see the title of "My Communities".  Click on the [Specialty Group News and Discussion Forum].  You will find the "Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group" link in the left-side list.  Click on the link, you will see a column (left-side), called "Forums".  If you want to make an announcement, select the "General Information".  If you want to post a Job announcement, select "Job Announcements".  After that, select "Create New Topic", you will see an on-line message box as the following picture.  Type your messages and then post it.  The messages will be distributed automatically to all GISS-SG members in the AAG (It might take a few minutes).   One drawback is that you can not attach any Word or PDF documents in your message.   If you need to post a PDF or Word document, you can use a hyperlink to embedded inside your text message. 


Set Up Global Preference

for AAG Specialty Group announcement mail-list server.

You might click on the Global Preference in the My community menu to change the setting for the email announcement.  Make sure that the subscriber's email address is correct.  If you have problems receiving email announcements from AAG mail-server, it could be the setting problems in the Global Preference.   Or the AAG emails might be blocked as SPAM in your local email-server (at the University level).


You can also contact Dr. Ming-Hsiang (Ming) Tsou directly and ask him to post your announcements in the AAG GISS-SG list.  Please email