The winner of the 2008 GISSSG Aangeenbrug Award is Dr. J. Ronald Eastman, Professor of Geography at Clark University.  Dr. Eastman received his bachelor・s degree from Bishop・s University, a master・s degree from Queen・s University, and a Ph.D. in Geography from Boston University in 1982.  Since 1991 he has served as the Director of Clark Labs.  He has also served as Chair of the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University from 1998-2002, and in 2007 he was named Jan and Larry Landry University Professor.

 Throughout his career, Dr. Eastman has made substantial contributions to theoretical geographic information science and its application to global climate change, land use science, and other fields.  One of Dr. Eastman・s key contributions is the development of the IDRISI GIS and image processing software, which introduced many students and researchers throughout the world to GIS, and remains one of the most widely used GIS packages due to its mix of both accessibility and advanced analytical capabilities. What is particularly impressive about Dr. Eastman・s work, however is that not only has he made substantial contributions to the theoretical and technical components of the field of geographic information science, but that he has worked tirelessly to ensure that GIS technology is used effectively to address some of the most pressing problems facing the world today, such as famine and ecological sustainability, particularly in developing countries.


Congratulations Dr. Eastman!


Jeremy Mennis