Dr. Arthur Getis is the 2008 recipient of the

Robert T. Aangeenbrug GISSG Distinguished Career Award



Dr. Arthur Getis


The winner of the 2008 GISSG Aangeenbrug Award is Dr. Arthur Getis, Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University.  Art received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Pennsylvania State University and his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Washington in 1961.  As a student of William Garrison at UW, he was one of the original leaders in launching the “quantitative revolution” in Geography and has remained a prominent leader throughout his career.


Art’s contributions to GIScience are enormous, where his areas of specialization include spatial statistics, pattern analysis, urban geography, and disease and crime clustering. His most famous books include, Getis & Boots (1978) “Models of spatial processes: an approach to the study of point, line and area patterns,” Boots & Getis (1987) “Point Pattern Analysis”, and Getis et al. (2004) “Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Statistics.” His most celebrated journal articles from the scores that he’s authored include, “Second-order neighborhood analysis of mapped point patterns," with Franklin in 1987, and, "The analysis of spatial association by distance statistics," with Ord in 1992.  Art also founded the Journal of Geographical Systems of which he is currently an Honorary Editor and co-authored one of the most popular introductory geography texts in the field, “Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities.”


In short, it’s easy to see why the GISSG has selected Art Getis as the 2008 Winner of the Aangeenbrug award.  Congratulations Art!




Tom Cova