Dr. Duane F. Marble is the 2007 recipient of the

Robert T. Aangeenbrug GISSG Distinguished Career Award


The 2007 Award Committee of GISSG is pleased to announce the selection of Duane F. Marble, Professor Emeritus of Geography at The Ohio State University (since 1998) and Professor of Geography at the University of Oregon (since 2003) as the recipient of the Robert T. Aangeenbrug GISSG Distinguished Career Award.


Dr. Marble has a long and distinguished career in the fields of transportation geography and GIS. Duane’s career began in the Department of Geography at the University of Washington where he earned B.A (1953), MA (1956), and Ph.D. (1959) degrees. Following his academic training, he served on the faculty of the Department of Regional Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Following that appointment, he became part of the faculty in the Department of Geography at Northwestern University, where he was promoted to Associate Professor and then to Professor. In 1973, Duane moved to the State University of New York at Buffalo where he established the GIS Laboratory - the first formal university research unit dealing with GIS - as well as the first formal graduate program in Geography providing a specialization in GIS. In 1987, he joined the faculty of the Department of Geography at The Ohio State University, where he retired in 1998.


During the course of his academic appointments, over seventy-five graduate students completed their degrees under his supervision and many of these now hold senior positions in academia, government, and industry. What separates Duane from many professors is his interest and involvement with his graduate students. He takes an enthusiastic and supportive role as an advisor, a mentor, and a friend. His contribution to GIS education continues through the establishment of the Marble Fund for Geographic Science (active in 2005). The Fund supports the William L. Garrison Award for Best Dissertation in Computational Geography through the AAG.


Dr. Tim Nyerges' nomination of Duane includes support from several prominent scholars and professionals, including Jack Dangermond who wrote:

“…I will simply say he has both personally and professionally done more to define the GIS professorship than anyone I know alive today.”


Dr. Roger Tomlinson, recipient of the 2005 Robert T. Aangeenbrug GIS SG Distinguished Career Award wrote,

“Duane Marble is eminently qualified to receive the 2007 Robert T. Aangeenbrug GISSG Distinguished Career Award…[he] is still amongst the core of people adding new depth to the field and in particular maintaining the role of “geography” in describing the work being done, which has broadly benefited the discipline and the increasing number of young people who wish to participate in it.”


Dr. David Unwin writes…

“…  As his vita shows, he was a genuine pioneer in GIS, and he remains one of the group of scholars that genuinely ‘walked the walk’ in creating what we now see, and what history will see as ‘quantitative geography’s’ major triumph, the discovery that ‘geography’ really does ‘matter’...”


It is an honor to be given the opportunity to bestow an award to Duane by recognizing the achievements made during his career.



Libby Wentz




Elizabeth A. Wentz

Associate Professor

School of Geographical Sciences

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ 85287-0104