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2011  AAG Annual Meeting: http://www.aag.org/cs/annualmeeting

GIS-SG Sponsorship Guidelines.

Interested in GIS-SG sponsorship for your session at the AAG annual meeting?  The GIS-SG will sponsor any session that the authors feel makes a contribution to GIS research or practice.  The primary purpose of specialty group sponsorship is to help conference attendees find sessions in their area of interest.  The GIS-SG sponsors a large number of sessions.  To assist conference attendees we ask that when you submit a request for specialty group sponsorship you:

1.  Provide select one or two of the following keywords for your session.  We will use these keywords to develop a list of sessions by topic:

-Spatial Data Mining
-Critical GIS/Cartography
-Urban Applications
-Ecological Applications
-Suggest your own...

2.  Tell us if you a seeking sponsorship from other specialty groups so that we can identify cross listed sessions.

3.  If available send us the session ID.

All requests for GIS-SG sponsorship can be sent to Seth Spielman (