Completed Dissertations

  1. 1997 to 1999
  2. 2000 to 2009
  3. 2010 to Present


Herman, Thomas. Images of Childhood, Images of Community: Children’s Everyday Geographies in a Multi-ethnic Urban Neighborhood. (Chair: Dr. Stuart Aitken)

Lukinbeal, Christopher. “On Location” in San Diego: Film, Television and Urban Thirdspace. (Chair: Dr. Stuart Aitken)

Scott, Lauren. The Accessible City: Employment Opportunities in Time and Space. (Chair: Dr. Arthur Getis)


Chen, Dongmei. Multi-resolution Image Analysis and Classification for Improving Urban Land Use/Cover Mapping Using High Resolution Imagery. (Chair: Drs. Doug Stow and Arthur Getis)

Dow, David L. The Effects of Symbol Iconicity on the Integration of Spatial Knowledge Acquired from the Fly-through Navigation of Simulated Environments. (Chair: Dr. Richard Wright)

Wells, Michael. Human-Altered Fire Regimes and the Development of Stand Structure in Macrocarpae Pines. (Chair: Dr. John O’Leary)

Westmoreland, Sally. Radiometric Correction of Multisensor Imagery. (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)


Scull, Peter. Predictive Soil Mapping in the Mojave Desert of California. (Chair: Dr. Janet Franklin)


Carter, Christopher. Neoliberal Economic Reforms and Urban Sociospatial Change in Latin America: The Case of La Serena-Coquimbo, Chile. (Chair: Dr. Ernst Griffin)

Miller, Jennifer. Incorporating Spatial Dependence in Predictive Vegetation Models. (Chair: Dr. Janet Franklin)

Rashed, Tarek. Measuring the Environmental Context of Social Vulnerability to Urban Earthquake Hazards: An Integrative Remote Sensing and GIS Approach. (Chair: Dr. John Weeks)

West, Eric. Imagined Transitions: The Geography of Reform in American Foreign Correspondence from Post-Soviet Russia. (Chair: Dr. Stuart Aitken)


McMichael, Christi. Modeling the Effects of Fire on Streamflow in a Chaparral Watershed. (Chair: Dr. Allen Hope)


Craine, James. Geovisualizing Film: The Use of Dynamic Variables in the Analysis of Cinematic Geographies. (Chair: Dr. Stuart Aitken)

Engstrom, Ryan. Effects of Spatial and Temporal Variability in Vegetation, Soil Moisture, and depth of Thaw on Modeled Evapotranspiration Estimates in Arctic Coastal Plain Ecosystems. (Chair: Dr. Allen Hope)

Lulka, David. Networks Affecting the Geographical Distribution and Position of Bison in Modern America. (Chair: Dr. Stuart Aitken)

Rogan, John. Operational Monitoring of Land-Cover Change Using Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data. (Chair: Dr. Janet Franklin)

Syphard, Alexandria D. Long-term Impacts of Frequent Fire and Urban Growth on Southern California coastal shrublands: An Integrated Simulation Modeling Strategy. (Chair: Dr. Janet Franklin)


Janikas, Mark V. Comparative Regional Income Dynamics: Clustering, Scale, and Geocomputation. (Chair: Dr. Sergio Rey)

Kayzar, Brenda. Analyzing Revitalization Outcomes in Downtown San Diego. (Chair: Dr. Larry Ford)

Ryan, John. Using Spatial Updating Bias to Explore the Robustness of a Collaborative Geovisualization Model. (Chair: Dr. Piotr Jankowski)


Aldstadt, Jared. Spatial Spatiotemporal Analysis of Dengue Virus Transmission and “Aedes aegypti” Abundance. (Chair: Dr. Arthur Getis)

Zhang, Tong. Developing Grid-Enabled Internet GIService Portals to Support Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure: A Pilot Study in Accessibility. (Chair: Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou)


Antoninetti, Maurizio. Peter Pan Will Not Live Here Anymore. A Multi-Approach Study of the Relation Between Neighborhood Design and the Ability to Age in Place. (Chair: Dr. Larry Ford)

Claessens, Lodevicus. Hydro-Ecological Linkages in Urbanizing Watersheds: The Role of Small Streams in Controlling Nitrogen Export. (Chair: Dr. Christina Tague)

Fugate, Debbie. Geodemographic Modeling of Data-Poor Populations in a Security Context. (Chair: Dr. John Weeks)

Ligmann-Zielinska, Arika. Exploring Normative Scenarios of Land Use Development Decisions with an Agent-Based Simulation Laboratory. (Chair: Dr. Piotr Jankowski)


Lopez, Anna Carla. Spatial Patterns or Urban Food Security in Accra, Ghana: A Geographic Analysis of Household Hunger in an African City. (Chair: Dr. John Weeks)