Completed Dissertations

  1. 1997 to 1999
  2. 2000 to 2009
  3. 2010 to Present


Phinn, Stuart. Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis Techniques for Quantifying Landscape Structure in Disturbed and Restored Coastal Environments. (Chair: Dr. Doug Stow)


Brown, Christopher. A Watershed and Ecosystem Approach to Transboundary Wastewater Management in the Tijuana River Watershed. (Chair: Dr. Philip Pryde)

Wildes, Fred. Influence of Ecotourism on Conservation Policy for Sustainable Development: The Case of Costa Rica. (Chair: Dr. Ernst Griffin)

Ying, Long Gen. Modeling the Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Chinese Economic Growth During the Recent Reform Period. (Chair: Dr. Arthur Getis)


McElroy, Stephen. In Situ Accretion and Urban Transformation on the Periphery: Social and Physical Changes in Villa El Salvador, 1971-1998. (Chair: Dr. Ernst Griffin)

Munroe, Scott. The Economic and Spatial Dynamics of U.S. Metropolitan Retailing: 1977-1997. (Chair: Dr. Arthur Getis)