Alumni Positions

Geography graduates from San Diego State University have a wide variety of professions. This is only natural given the wide diversity of emphases offered by the department. To find out more about our alumni, please visit the Alumni page.


  • Vince Bertoni. Director of Planning, City of Los Angeles.
  • Yi-Ting Chuang. GIS Data Analyst, .
  • James Craine. Professor, Cal State Northridge.
  • Philip Elder. Automation Engineer, .
  • Timothy Evans. Conservation Program Coordinator, Student Conservation Association.
  • Rebecca Grover. GIS Analyst, San Diego Association of Governments.
  • Jeremy Hamm. Software Developer, .
  • Lesley Handa. Ornithologist, .
  • Laurel Hanscom. Program Director and Research Scientist, Global Footprint Network.
  • Jessie Hong. Associate Professor, University of West Georgia.
  • Elias Issa. Senior Engineering Technician, San Diego Airport Authority.
  • Ick-Hoi Kim. Research Fellow, .
  • Chris Lukinbeal. Associate Professor, University of Arizona.
  • Jennifer Mason. Ph.D. Student, Penn State University.
  • Christopher Moreno. Co-Owner and Ethnography Program Manager, Cultural Geographics Consulting.
  • Frank Mowery. Mapping Specialist I, .
  • Cleo Neculae. Stormwater Grants Program Manager, State of Washington.
  • David Palomino. Administrative Analysts III, County of San Diego.
  • Audrey Porcella. Regional Planner, San Diego Association of Governments.
  • Kelly Salamone. Sr. Animal Trainer, .
  • Thomas Sumstine. Ecological Restoration and Monitoring Intern, .
  • Martin Swobodzinski. Assistant Professor of Geography, Portland State University.
  • John Urata. Staff Data Scientist, .
  • Ninghua Wang. Chief Scientist, .
  • Jiue-An (Jay) Yang. Postdoctoral Research Scientist, University of California, San Diego.