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CESAR facilities include three separate computer lab rooms, the CESAR lab, the Finch Lab, and the REGAL lab; a server room and offices for the technical staff. The lab rooms are a mixed environment of Sun workstations, Intel PCs, and Apple Macintosh computers linked to numerous processing and data servers through a Department of Geography administered LAN.

CESAR has extensive GIS, Remote Sensing, statistical and modeling software resources including ESRI ArcGIS and related products, GRASS, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, SPlus, SPSS, and RHESSys. Graphics software includes Adobe products along with various software utilities.






Tape Drives



QCR Film Writer
Lasergraphics Film Writer
CD ROM Juke Box


Global Positioning Systems

Digital Camera Systems

Everest Infrared Thermometer
Exotech Handheld Radiometer (2)
SE590 Field Spectrometer
Analytical Spectral Devices Spectroradiometer
Omni-data Polyrecorder Data Recorders (3)
Reflectance Calibration Panels (3%,15%,30%,60%,100%)
Panasonic 4 Head VCR

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