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Research : Environmental

San Diego Bay Watershed Common Ground

The San Diego Watersheds Common Grounds Project was created to incorporate data from water quality monitoring programs and integrate this data on a watershed level using a web-based interactive application to serve as a broad communication, education and decision-making tool; and to further develop the region's capacity to understand and assess processes affecting our water resources.

Illegal Mining and Guizhou Golden Monkey Conservation

As part of the continuing Golden Monkey Research, this project focuses on human activity impacts upon the Guizhou golden monkey of Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve in southwestern China. Funded through the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Fund and the Zoological Society of San Diego, the project aims to document the environmental degradation of endangered monkey habitat through activity such as mining and wood gathering in order to determine the severity of environmental impacts and recommend effective conservation strategies that may be applied to other endangered primates.

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