This page contains information on journals relevant to the work of the ISYS Center. Links are provided as a resource and do not reflect endorsement of specific journals.

Cover of Children's Geographies Journal

Children’s Geographies (Routledge)
Advancing interdisciplinary understanding of younger people’s lives.
Stuart C. Aitken, Commissioning Editor for North America

Cover of Childhood Journal

Childhood (SAGE)
Advancing interdisciplinary understanding of younger people’s lives.
Stuart C. Aitken, Commissioning Editor for North America

Childhoods Today (online journal of Univ. of Sheffield, UK)
The aim of the journal is to publish high quality empirical and theoretical work by up-and-coming researchers in the field of childhood studies and to provide a reference for others working in this and related fields.

Logo for Children, Youth & Environments Journal

Children, Youth and Environments (Univ. of Colorado)
The world’s leading publication for the latest news on children, youth, and their environments.

Cover of Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Journal

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood (Symposium Journals)
The journal incorporates interdisciplinary, cutting edge work which may include the following areas: poststructuralist, postmodern and postcolonial approaches, queer theory, sociology of childhood, alternative viewpoints of child development, and deal with issues such as language and identity, the discourse of difference, new information technologies, stories and voices, curriculum, culture and pedagogy, or any combination of such ideas.

Cover of disClosure Journal, Number 10

disClosure (Univ. of Kentucky)
An inventive journal of social theory, each issue of which publishes interviews, book reviews and refereed essays, poems, and art work focused on a given topic. The journal is edited by graduate students participating in Committee research activities.

Cover of Gender, Place & Culture Journal

Gender, Place & Culture (Routledge)
The aim of Gender, Place and Culture is to provide a forum for debate in human geography and related disciplines on theoretically-informed research concerned with gender issues. It also seeks to highlight the significance of such research for feminism and women's studies. The editors seek articles based on primary research that address: the particularities and intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, age, (dis)ability, sexuality, class, culture and place; feminist, anti-racist, critical and radical geographies of space, place, nature and the environment; feminist geographies of difference, resistance, marginality and/or spatial negotiation; and, critical methodology.

Cover of Social and Cultural Geography Journal

Social and Cultural Geography (Routledge)
Social and Cultural Geography offers a specialized outlet for the publication of research concerned with the spatialities of society and culture, particularly the role of space, place and culture in relation to social issues, cultural politics, aspects of daily life, cultural commodities, consumption, identity and community, and historical legacies.

Cover of Social Geography Journal

Social Geography (interactive online journal - Copernicus Pubs.)
Social Geography provides a forum for contributions that combine a strong theoretical orientation with praxis-related matters of concern. It focuses on the interrelation of society, practice and space and its implications for every day-life, social and environmental policy or economic practice.

Cover of Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research

Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research (SAGE)
Young addresses a broad scope of questions in the life situation of youth in the age of globalisation - questions that are related to increased mobility of people and commodities, hybridisation of culture and the sensitivity of young people to changes in the labour market, culture, urban and rural contexts, etc. The journal initiates and facilitates more intense dialogue between disciplines concerned with youth such as sociology, political science, pedagogics, psychology, anthropology, ethnology, cultural geographies, economics, criminology, law, history, media studies, gender studies, medicine, psychiatry, literature, musicology, film, theatre, linguistics and cultural studies.

Cover of Youth & SOciety Journal

Youth & Society (SAGE)
For over 35 years, Youth & Society has provided educators, counselors, researchers, and policy makers with the latest research and scholarship in this dynamic field. This valuable resource examines critical contemporary issues and presents vital, practical information for studying and working with young people today.