Community Research Consulting Program

Program Overview

Providing information that supports excellence in organizations and programs at all levels

Through its Community Research Consulting Program, the ISYS Center endeavors to direct its research expertise in ways that are immediately useful in the development of policy and the provision of services to children, families, and communities.

Research and consulting services are offered to government and non-profit agencies that serve youth in order to support a variety of organizational functions, including:

In addition to providing cost-effective and high quality research services to partner organizations, the Community Research Consulting Program helps to support the growth and sustainability of the ISYS Center as a cutting-edge university-based center by:

Community Consulting Program Staff

Thomas Herman, Ph.D. E-mail Tom (619) 594-7932
Rhianna Maras, M.A. E-mail Rhianna (619) 594-0631

Selected Current/Recent Projects

Evaluation of First 5 First Steps Home Visiting Program in South Region (for South Bay Community Services)

Evaluation of First 5 Healthy Development Services Initiative in South Region (for South Bay Community Services)

Completion of Literature Review on Methods for Studying Independent Child Migrants (for UNICEF)

Research and documentation of historical geography of Little Italy neighborhood (for San Diego Little Italy Association)

Evaluation of 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants serving high schools (for Sweetwater Union High School District)

Assessment of school climate and prevention environment in schools (for Sweetwater Union High School District)

Evaluation of equity in Career Technical Education programs (for Sweetwater Union High School District)