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Sarah Wandersee

Image of Sarah WanderseeSarah Wandersee is a joint doctoral student in Geography at San Diego State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Geography and earned her Masters at the University for Peace, Costa Rica in Environmental Security & Peace. The recipient of numerous awards in academic excellence, she has also worked as a GIS Technician with the Native American Environmental Protection Coalition and traveled within Europe, Asia, and Central America, gaining experience in multi-cultural settings. She is excited to combine her educational and travel experience to contribute towards golden monkey conservation. Details on other projects, teaching, and research interests available on Sarah's website

Dr. Li An

Image of Dr. AnDr. An is an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at San Diego State University and Sarah Wandersee's doctoral advisor. He has Masters degrees in Systems Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and in Probability and Statistics from Michigan State University. Having received his PhD in Systems Modeling from Michigan State University, he has gone on to become a tenured professor at SDSU and has also published numerous articles on statistical modeling and landscape ecology. His projects include work on conservation of the giant panda and the golden monkey. Dr. An's Webpage


Director Yeqin Yang, Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve

Dr. Chia Tan, Zoological Society of San Diego