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Programs : Master's

Graduate study at San Diego State University has long been characterized by a close, collegial working relationship between students and faculty. A flexible curriculum, complemented by careful advising, permits the Department to design a program tailored to the educational goals of each masters candidate. San Diego State University now offers three Geography degrees at the master's level.

Admission to the Program

Except under special circumstances, applicants must have a 3.0 GPA. The minimum combined quantitative and verbal GRE score is generally 300 (1000 on the old test). This GPA is based on all work leading to the bachelor's degree and subsequent post-baccalaureate coursework. In addition, all qualified applications will be distributed to members of the department to determine if any faculty are willing to serve as advisors for the applicant. Applicants must have a faculty sponsor in order to be admitted to the department.

General Requirements for the Master's Degree

Students must complete a research thesis and a graduate program of at least 30 units of upper division and graduate courses selected with the approval of the student's thesis committee. The department expects full-time students to complete the program within two years. Seven years is the maximum time allowed for completion of all degree requirements.

Deficiencies and Prerequisites

Students who have limited background in Geography may be required to complete specified courses in addition to the minimum 30 units required for the master's degrees. Deficiencies and additional courses will be determined by the thesis advisor.


Guide to Completing the Masters Program in Geography
Road Map for Masters Degree completion
For more information on our Masters Program, send an e-mail to: Dr. Allen Hope, Master's Program Coordinator; email:
For information regarding student life at SDSU and San Diego in general, please see the Geography Student Page.

Completed Theses

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