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Programs : Undergraduate : Bachelor of Science Watershed Science

Watershed science is the study of how ecosystems, landforms and soils, climate, water, and human activities interact within a spatial context. Although the boundaries of watersheds are defined by the movement of water, watershed science involves the study of a wide range of human and natural processes, their interactions, and the implications of this complex interplay for environmental assessment and management. The purposes of this emphasis are to: a) provide a fundamental background in the scientific fields that contribute to watershed science (geology and geomorphology, hydrology, ecology, and climatology) and b) to develop skills and techniques involved in applying and integrating this knowledge within a spatial context to address watershed science and management challenges.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

Emphasis in Watershed Science Environmental Science Major With the B.S. Degree

Students selecting this emphasis (program) must register with the Environmental Sciences Program.
Students selecting this emphasis (program) are not required to complete a minor in another department.
Student selecting this emphasis (program) do not have a Foreign Language Requirement.
Preparation for the Major. Environmental Sciences 100; Biology 201A, 201B; Biology 215 or Statistics 250; Chemistry 200; Geography 103; Geological Sciences 100, 101; and Mathematics 121, 122, Physics 180A, 180B, 182A, 182B; or Mathematics 150, 151, Physics 195, 195L, 196, 196L. (40-42 units)
Major. A minimum of 40-41 upper division units to include Biology 354; Geography 380, 385*, 401*, 483*, 484 or 587*, 495, 511*; Geological Sciences 305; 15 units selected from the following courses, at least 12 units must be from 500-level courses selected from Biology 531, 535, 540, Geography 370*, 504*, 505, 570, 584 or 588, Philosophy 332, Physics 301, Public Administration 320.

* Environmental Science 100 and Geography 103 may be substituted for Geography 101 prerequisite.

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