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Programs : Undergraduate : Bachelor of Science GIScience

Spatial data plays an increasingly important role in today's society. From mapping the vulnerability of water resources, to predicting urban growth patterns and even selecting sites for movie shoot locations on city streets, geographic analysis can provide much needed information. The Emphasis in Geographic Information Science program is designed for students with interested in developing skills in the acquisition, management and analysis of spatial data.

Requirements for all Geography Majors

Emphasis in Geographic Information Science Geography Major With the B.S. Degree

Students in this program will develop skills in techniques such as computer cartography, geographic information systems, spatial analysis and remote sensing that can be applied to real world problems in areas such as urban planning, environmental analysis, marketing, health care, and many other areas.
Students selecting this emphasis (program) are not required to complete a minor in another department.
Student selecting this emphasis (program) do not have a Foreign Language Requirement.
Additional Preparation for the Major. Biology 100, 100L; Chemistry 200; Computer Science 107, 108; Mathematics 121 and 122, or 150; Physics 180A, 182A; Statistics 250 or comparable statistics course. (30-31 units)
Major. A minimum of 37 upper division units to include Geography 381, 385, 484, 585, 587; and 21 units of upper division electives selected as follows: six units from Geography 483, 581-595; nine units from Geography 370, 375, 401, 409, 505-511, 570-575; three units from Geography 340, 353-354, 554-559; three units from Computer Science 310*, 320.

* Additional prerequisite required.

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