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Congratulations and welcome! You've been admitted into the San Diego State University/University of California, Santa Barbara joint doctoral program in Geography. This handbook is an attempt to provide you with the information, both general and nitty-gritty, that you will need to work your way through Geography's doctoral program. It has been put together with the help of the current doctoral Adviser, students currently in the program, staff at SDSU and UCSB as well as by our past Doctoral Advisers (Ernie Griffin and Doug Stow) and past Doctoral Program Secretary (Yumiko Tsuneyoshi). We'veorganized this document in roughly chronological order and have tried to address the multitudinous questions that might arise during the four or so years that you spend in the program. Despite our best intentions, there are undoubtedly omissions, errors, or other goof ups. If so, please let us know so that you can get an answer and so that we can improve this document for future generations.

August, 2013

Handbook Topics

How did I get Admitted?
What does the Financial Offer I Accepted Mean?
What Happens Between the Time I'm Accepted and When I Enroll?
Okay, I've Arrived at the Department. What do I do?
My First Semester's Started: Now What?
Beyond My First Semester
When Should I Plan on Spending My Year at UCSB?
Any Information that might Help Me for My UCSB Residency?
What are the Major Mileposts in My Program?

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