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Current Positions of Graduates of the Joint Doctoral Program

Jared Aldstadt

Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Buffalo

Christopher Brown

Associate Professor of Geography, New Mexico State University

Christopher Carter

Lecturer, Department of Geography, Long Beach City College

Dongmei Chen

Associate Professor of Geography, Queen's University (Canada)

Lodevicus (Luc) Claessens

Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Delaware

James Craine

Assistant Professor of Geography, California State University Northridge

Giorgio Curti

Ethnographer and Cultural Geographer, HDR-EOC Inc.
Post-doctoral Researcher, SDSU-ISYS

David Dow

GIS Program Manager, San Diego County Water Authority

Ryan Engstrom

Associate Professor of Geography, George Washington University

Debbie Fugate

Research Demographer, United States Government
Adjunct Professor of Geography, San Diego State University

Yuki Hamada

Geospatial Scientist and Remote Sensing Specialist, Argonne National Laboratory

Thomas Herman

Private Consultant, Children's Social-Geographical Well Being
Adjunct Professor of Geography, San Diego State University

Mark Janikas

Product Engineer, ESRI, Inc.

Brenda Kayzar

Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Minnesota

Arika Ligmann-Zielinska

Assistant Professor of Geography, Michigan State University

Anna Carla Lopez-Carr

Adjunct Professor of Geography, San Diego State University

Chris Lukinbeal

Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Arizona

David Lulka

Lecturer, Department of Geography, California State University, San Marcos

Stephen McElroy

GIS Analyst, Statistical Research, Inc.

Christine McMichael

Associate Professor of Geography, Institute for Regional Analysis and Public Policy, Morehead State University

Jennifer Miller

Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Moreno

Senior Ethnographer, HDR-EOM Inc.

Scott Munroe

Vice President, Market Strategy and Reporting Manager, Union Bank

Stuart Phinn

Professor and Director, Biophysical Remote Sensing Group, School of Geography, Planning & Architecture, University of Queensland (Australia)

Tarek Rashed

Chief Scientist and President, Geospatial Applied Research Experts House, Austin, Texas

John Rogan

Associate Professor of Geography, Clark University

John Ryan

Lecturer, San Diego Mesa College

Lauren Scott

Product Engineer, ESRI, Inc.

Pete Scull

Associate Professor of Geography, Colgate University

Alexandra Syphard

Research Scientist, Conservation Biology Institute
Adjunct Professor of Geography, San Diego State University

Michael Wells

Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of San Diego
Contractor, California State Parks and Recreation

Eric West

Assistant Professor of Geography, Southern Connecticut State University

Sally Westmoreland

Associate Scientist, Inyo County Water Department, California

Xinyue Ye

Assistant Professor of Geography, Bowling Green State University

Tong Zhang

Post-doctoral Researcher, Wuhan University

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