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When Should I Plan on Spending My Year at UCSB?

As part of the joint doctoral program you are required to spend at least one academic year in full-time residence at UCSB, defined as three consecutive quarters of full-time enrollment, not including the summer. In order to maximize the utility of that experience, you'll be ready to go once you've decided on a Dissertation Chair, have selected your specializations, and have a firm grasp of your dissertation topic. Precisely when this occurs will vary from individual to individual but will generally be your second year in the program. While most people will go Fall/Winter/Spring other options, such as Winter/Spring/Fall, are available.

Before you enter the JDP you will be contacted by UCSB and required to fill out an online application in order to be eligible to enroll in courses at UCSB. You can do this through the Graduate Division website

Please choose the Joint Degree Program participation of "Geography" (UCSB/SDSU) in the Special Populations section of the first page on the online application. Please note that you should choose the "Fee Waiver" payment option to complete the submission of the application; you do not need to pay the application-processing fee because you did so when you applied to SDSU. Upon submission of your application you should contact Haley Orton ( at Graduate Division, to finalize submission. Haley will release the application to the Geography department for further processing. You will only need to fill out the following sections in the UCSB electronic application: Major and Degree Objective, Personal Information, Demographic Information, Citizenship, Address, Education History, Financial Information, and Application Survey. Once you have completed the application process please let the UCSB Geography Student Programs Manager know so s/he can send the proper forms/transcripts to Graduate Division so they can process your admission to the program. You will then submit your Statement of Intent to Register at UCSB and obtain a UCSB Net ID. You will receive a Perm# from UCSB. Please send your Perm # to SDSU Geography's Department Coordinator (Patti). From this moment you will be a student at UCSB, but you will be in Leave of Absence status until you go to UCSB for your year in residence there.

When completing the UCSB application, your residency status will be based on your answers to some questions on the application. You should follow up with UCSB (email regarding your status if that is in question. A good contact in the Office of the Registrar is Michael Basile at or (805) 893-3033.

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