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What does the Financial Offer I Accepted Mean?

Your financial support will come from SDSU, including while you are at UCSB (with the exception of financial aid which may be administered through UCSB during your year at UCSB). It has been the Department's policy to support its doctoral students for at least four and no more than five years, assuming that you make normal progress towards your degree and discharge your associateship responsibilities adequately. Additionally, our Ph.D. students' instructional fees/tuition are paid by SDSU. The miscellaneous fees (currently $647 per semester in Fall 2013) must be paid by the student.

All of our doctoral students should apply for grants or fellowships (e.g., NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants, Fulbright Fellowships, etc.) to assist in supporting their studies, especially if foreign fieldwork or a fifth year is an element of your program. Obviously, grants and fellowships are financially beneficial for those who receive them. More importantly, win or lose, writing the proposals necessary for grants or fellowships competitions provides you with a valuable experience which will prove useful in your future professional endeavors.

Over the 22 years of the program's existence, 97% of our joint doctoral students have been given appointments as Teaching Associates and such appointments provide full health care, dental, and vision insurance as well as several other benefits. There are strict deadlines for signing up for benefits, so read your benefit materials carefully. When you sign in at SDSU Human Resources, they will give you information on the benefits orientation. Please plan on attending this. When you sign up for your various plans, talk to other students and check out the availability of the providers in both San Diego and Santa Barbara. UCSB requires that you have a health care provider within 25 miles. If not, you will be required to pay more than $800 per quarter for their health coverage. Since open enrollment is only once a year, check into your plan prior to signing up, as SDSU will not cover the UCSB health fee.

These funding relationships will remain in place barring some type of financial calamity beyond our control or significant changes in University policy affecting benefits. Just because you are titled a Teaching Associate does not mean that you will have teaching responsibilities during a given semester, though you should expect some teaching duties during your program (more on this below).

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