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How did I get Admitted?

The selection criteria for this program are pretty straight forward. The initial evaluation was performed by SDSU's Doctoral Program Committee. They reviewed your academic record and GRE performance and ranked them in relation to the others who applied with you. Simultaneously, the Committee evaluated the letters sent by your referees and carefully studied your statement of purpose. We want to be sure that your academic interests fit those of our faculty as well as our colleagues at UCSB. The files of all of the applicants were then made available for review to the entire SDSU faculty. If a faculty member was interested in "sponsoring" an applicant, they let the Committee know. The Doctoral Program Committee then submitted its recommendations to the SDSU faculty who ranked the applicant pool from one to "n." We then selected a group of candidates (normally from five to eight individuals) to send to UCSB for their consideration. The applicants' files are reviewed by the UCSB faculty and if someone there was willing to "sponsor" one of the applicants, that individual could be admitted to the joint program. From the approved candidates, five to eight are admitted into the program. Given that currently we receive from 25 to 45 completed applications per year, there is a good deal of competition involved in the selection process.

Once UCSB informs us of their decisions, usually by mid-March, we immediately contact the successful applicants and make them an offer we hope they can't (or won't) refuse. If you're reading this Handbook, it means you accepted!

Handbook Topics

How did I get Admitted?
What does the Financial Offer I Accepted Mean?
What Happens Between the Time I'm Accepted and When I Enroll?
Okay, I've Arrived at the Department. What do I do?
My First Semester's Started: Now What?
Beyond My First Semester
When Should I Plan on Spending My Year at UCSB?
Any Information that might Help Me for My UCSB Residency?
What are the Major Mileposts in My Program?

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