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Q. What are the course requirements for the Joint Doctoral program in Geography?

A. There are no formal course requirements other than two core courses at SDSU, Geography 700 and 701, and a colloquium course each quarter, while at residence at UCSB. Coursework necessary for successful completion of dissertation research, or for career preparation, are determined through consultation with students and their advising committee members.

Q. Are there any particular classes I should take during my first year in the graduate program?

A. Yes. We strongly recommend taking Geography 701 and 700 during the first two semesters, in that order and NOT concurrently. All students must take these two classes, unless they had them as a master's student at SDSU.

Q. Can I transfer credits for courses taken elsewhere to my SDSU program?

A. This is not necessary, given that there are no course requirements.

Q. Do undergraduate courses count towards degree requirements?

A. Again, since there are no formal course requirements other than the SDSU core and UCSB colloquium courses, a course of any level that is deemed appropriate for research or career preparation can be taken.

Q. How long do most students take to complete their doctoral degree?

A. The program is designed to take four years. Since program inception in 1991, it has been most common for students to take five years to complete degree requirements.

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