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Q. Do you admit students who don't have Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores submitted prior to the application deadline?

A. Application files must be complete for an applicant to be admitted to the program or be granted a graduate assistantship; a complete file must include GRE scores. Application files may be reviewed prior to receipt of GRE scores, but GRE scores must be received before an official offer of admission can be made.

Q. What if my GRE scores are five or more years old?

A. SDSU Graduate Admissions will only accept GRE scores that were earned within the past five years.

Q. May I enter the Joint Doctoral program without having first earned a master's degree?

A. A master's degree is normally a requirement for admission to the Joint Doctoral program. Applicants enrolled in a master's degree programs at the time of application may be admitted if completion of the degree is expected prior to entering the Joint Doctoral program. On occasion, students with outstanding undergraduate records and strong English language skills may be admitted directly to the Joint Doctoral program, but with the expectation that a master's degree will be earned at SDSU en route to completing the doctoral degree.

Q. I understand that admission requirements include a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in master's degree course work and a combined GRE score of 307 (1100 old system) for the Quantitative and Verbal components. Are those requirements rigidly applied?

A. Exceptions are occasionally approved. However, admission to the Joint Doctoral program is very competitive and students not meeting minimum requirements are rarely admitted.

Q. Do you admit new students in the spring semester?

A. Not normally. Students are occasionally admitted in the spring semester, if slots become available in the preceding fall semester.

Q. When will I be notified of your decision regarding my application for a Graduate Assistantship?

A. Applications are first reviewed by the SDSU in early February and then by the UCSB faculty in late February to early March. Offers of admission and funding are normally made in early to middle of March, but may carry through to April. Applicants offered admission are normally given around two weeks to accept or reject the offer.

Q. I have missed the January 10 deadline for admission and funding. Do you accept late applications?

A. We may accept late applications, but there is no guarantee that a late application will be considered.

Q. Can I postpone beginning my program beyond the semester for which I've been admitted?

A. There is no protocol for postponing admission. If you don't enroll for at least one course in the semester following admission you will have to reapply for admission to the Graduate Division. Depending on circumstances, we may guarantee offer of admission and funding, but an applicant will need to formally reapply.

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