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Edward Aguado

Ph.D., Wisconsin (1983), Professor
Climatology, Meteorology, Hydrology, Physical Geography

Stuart C. Aitken

Ph.D., Western Ontario (1985), Professor
Critical Geography, Qualitative Methods, Children, Families and Communities, Film

Li An

Ph.D., Michigan State University (2003), Professor
Landscape Ecology, Quantitative Methods, Populations

Trent Biggs

Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara (2003), Associate Professor
Watershed Science, Water Resources and Quality Monitoring

Fernando Bosco

Ph.D., The Ohio State University (2002), Professor
Urban Geography, Social Movements and Collective Action, Social and Cultural Theory, Political Geography, Latin America
Doctoral Adviser, Co-chair/undergrad adviser, Urban Studies

George Christakos

Ph.D., Harvard University (1990), Professor
Spatiotemporal Stochastic Modeling, Knowledge Synthesis, Interdisciplinary Systems, TGIS, Geostatistics, Environmental Health and Medical Geography
Birch Foundation Endowed Chair in Geographic Studies

Anne-Marie Debbané

Ph.D., York University, Canada (2010), Assistant Professor
Political Ecology, Urban nature and social justice

Kathleen Farley

Ph.D., Univ. of Colorado, Boulder (2002), Associate Professor
Global Environmental Change, Land-Use Change, Conservation Policy and Practice, Payment/Compensation for Ecosystem Services

Allen S. Hope

Ph.D., Maryland (1986), Professor
Hydrology, Remote Sensing, Climate and Land Cover Change, Environmental Modeling
Masters Program Adviser

Piotr Jankowski

Ph.D., Washington (1989), Professor
Spatial Decision Support Systems, Participatory GIS, Geocomputation Methods
Department Chair; Coordinator, GIScience Certificate Program

Pascale Joassart

Ph.D., Univ. of Southern California (1999), Associate Professor
Urban and economic geography: Migration, gender and informal work; Poverty; Nonprofits and state restructuring; Public space and healthy cities; Food
Co-chair/undergrad adviser, Urban Studies

Arielle Levine

Ph.D., UC Berkley (2006), Assistant Professor
Human-Environment Interactions, Conservation Policy and Practice, Marine and Coastal Resource Management

Atsushi Nara

Ph.D., Arizona State University (2011), Assistant Professor
GIS, Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics, Geosimulation

John F. O'Leary

Ph.D., UCLA (1984), Professor
Biogeography, Physical Environmental Studies, Field Measurements and Quantitative Analysis

André Skupin

Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo (1998), Professor
Cartography, GIS, Information Visualization, Visual Data Mining

Douglas A. Stow

Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara (1985), Professor
Remote sensing and image processing, land-cover/land-use change, Mediterranean ecosystems, and wildfire and urban dynamics

Kate Swanson

Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada (2005), Associate Professor
Urban Geography, Development, Gender, Race and Ethnicity, Childhood

Ming-Hsiang Tsou

Ph.D., University of Colorado (2001), Professor
Internet Mapping/Cartography, Web-based GIS

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