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Barbara E. Fredrich

Ph.D., UCLA (1975), Professor
Latin America, Biogeography, Cultural Geography, Geographic Education

Arthur Getis

Ph.D., Washington (1961), Professor
Statistical Methods, Spatial Analysis, Disease Distribution

Ned H. Greenwood

Ph.D., Ohio State University (1963), Professor
Physical Geography, Soils, Natural Resources and Environmental Geography

Ernst C. Griffin

Ph.D., Michigan State University (1972), Professor
Cultural Geography, Economic Geography, Land Use, Central and South America

Warren A. Johnson

Ph.D., University of Michigan (1969), Professor
Cultural Geography, Natural Resources, Energy

David McArthur

Ph.D., Louisiana State (1969), Professor
Physical Geography, Coastal and Fluvial Geomorphology, Quantitative Methods

Philip Pryde

Ph.D., University of Washington (1969), Professor
Policy and Management Issues regarding Protected Natural Areas, Environmental Issues in the Former Soviet Republics

Imre E. Quastler

Ph.D., University of Kansas (1971), Professor
Cultural Geography, Transportation Geography, North America

Frederick P. Stutz

Ph.D., Michigan State University (), Professor
World Economy, Trade, International Business, Europe, Transportation, GIS

John R. Weeks

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (1972), Professor
Demography, Environment

Richard D. Wright

Ph.D., University of Kansas (1967), Professor
GIS, U.S.-Mexico Border Geospatial Data Integration, Map Interpretation and Analysis

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